Office Master EVDB78 Electrostatic Discharge Office Task Chair

Please note: This chair is custom-made and non-returnable. All fabric colors shown on your computer screen are approximate, based on the resolution of your monitor and subject to variation from the actual color on physical chairs. For more accurate ideas of color tones, etc. please contact or call 888-456-ERGO to obtain a sample or fabric swatch.
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Office Master EVDB78 Electrostatic Discharge ESD Multi Functioned Cross Performance Ergonomic Office Chair


General Information


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Office Master EVDB78 Electrostatic Discharge ESD Multi Functioned Cross Performance Ergonomic Office Chair


Office Master EVDB78 Electrostatic Discharge ESD Ergonomic Adjustable Chairs





Description of Office Master ESD EVDB78 Chair:


Office Master ESD chairs are constructed from our most popular models to meet special ESD seating requirements. Fabrics are made of 99% nylon and 1% carbon fiber. We also stock 7 ESD fabric colors and 2 ESD vinyls.

  • Multi functioned cross performance specialized back design.

  • Seat height: 18" - 23".





Option 1 : Fabric Colors


SC Micron Blue Fabric Color

SC Micron Blue

SC Black Fabric Color

SC Black






Option 2 : Arms Type


Group 1:


JR-77 - Height adjustable T arms with molded armpads Adjustable height range of 4.25" (approx. .5 - 2" higher than most Group1 arms) 12 year limited warranty








Option 3 : Arm Pads


ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Pads are a great addition to any office or home chair. The memory foam pads will contour to your elbows and forearms and offer you total comfort and support while reducing pressure points. All of these benefits will help increase productivity while reducing overall body stress. Elastic shroud attaches snugly to any existing arm rest from 6" to 11" long. Makes your arm rests much softer and more comfortable.


  • Helps increase circulation

  • Helps maximize the benefits of proper ergonomics

  • Sleek design and sung fit gives built-in lock

  • Fits all adjustable chair arms from 6" to 11"





Option 4 : Cylinders


5" Cylinder        Standard Approximately 18" to 23"



3" Cylinder        Approximately 16" to 20"



6" Cylinder        Approximately 19.5" to 26"







Option 5 : Casters


Office Master CAS-REG Regular Caster CASREG office chairs carpet


Office Master CAS0065-S Multi-surface Soft office chairs Casters


CAS0050-SS - "Safety soft casters" minimizes chair movement when the chair is NOT in use. (5 per set)


CAS0050-RB - "Reverse-braking casters" lock in place when the chair IS in use (5 per set).


GLD-R - "Glides" keeps the chair stationary at all times. (5 per set)


CAS-RUB - "Rubber casters" are designed for concrete and other hard surfaces. (5 per set)







Option 6 : UPHMF Upholstery Memory Foam


UPHMF (Upholstery Memory Foam) provides a unique 1/2 inch layer of memory foam on a normal cushion material. 5 lbs memory foam layer applied to surface of seat cushion, underneath fabric (non refundable).






Option 7 : Lumbar Selection


The height and shape of the lumbar support should coincide with the lumbar curve ("the small") of the user's back. The support should be firm, but not cause localized pressure points.

The adjustable lumbar option on Office Master Chairs is a knob that changes the firmness of the lumbar support. Also most Office Master Chairs have adjustable height backs, allowing users to find the correct lumbar support position for them.




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Model EVDB78
Manufacturer Office Master Chairs
Part Number EVDB78
Seat Height 18" - 23"
Base Diameter 26"

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Office Master EVDB78 Electrostatic Discharge Office Task Chair