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WorkRite Sierra HX Electric Equal Corner 2 Legs Bi-Level Table

Lead times: Classic laminates: 10 working days for 20 or less. Designer laminates: 20 working days for 10 or less. Silhouette: 10 working days for 10 or less. Colors and patterns for Laminates, Edges and Base Frames are representative only. Actual colors and patterns may vary slightly.
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Raise the Bar on Workcenter Comfort. The Workrite Sierra HX is the most innovative adjustable height workcenter for the professional workplace. The standard crossbar has been eliminated to allow maximum leg clearance for worker comfort. Instead, a mount structure under the worksurface provides unmatched stability and plenty of room to attach a CPU holder and keyboard platform and lots of space to position your mobile pedestal.

Sierra HX features our beautiful Silhouette Collection of worksurfaces. These sleek tops are whisper thin at just ½", use GREENGUARD certified material, and are available in a variety of edge treatments.

Sierra HX Electric workcenters will lift your spirits along with your essential worktools. Quiet motors provide over 100 pounds of lifting force per leg, so no matter how heavy your workload, the Sierra Electric HX Electric is there to support you.



Height Range, Base and Leg Dimensions

Sierra HX Electric Specifications of Height range, base and leg dimensions



  • Hidden crossbar design provides optimum knee clearance and under worksurface access
  • Adjusts 22" - 48" at 1.6" per second
  • Up/down control with 3 memory presets under front of worksurface
  • Load capacity on worksurface: two leg workcenter 225 lbs, three leg workcenter 300 lbs
  • Available in 24 worksurface styles in over 60 laminate options including slender Silhouette worksurfaces
  • Available in Sierra silver or charcoal finish
  • Base only or full workcenter
  • Compatible with full line of tool bar and rail system accessories


Environmental Considerations

  • LEED Credit Eligibility
  • Material & Resources Credit 4.1–4.2 (1–2 points)
  • LEED Base Only: 26–29%
  • LEED with laminate: 31–37%
  • LEED with Silhouette: 13–18%
  • Innovation in Design Credit 1.1–1.4 (1–4 points)
  • Standby power use is only 0.1W
  • GREENGUARD Silhouette top material
  • VOC free powdercoat



Option 1: Choose your Surface Dimensions

Model SEHX424224B: 42" x 42" x 24" Surface Dimensions

Model SEHX484824B: 48" x 48" x 24" Surface Dimensions

Model SEHX484830B: 48" x 48" x 30" Surface Dimensions



Option 2: Switch Position

Sierra HX Switch Position UNDER Worksurface

Under Worksurface (U)



Option 3: Choose your Base Frame Colors

Colors and patterns are representative only. Actual colors and patterns may vary slightly

Frame Base Color Silver

Sierra Silver (S)

Frame Base Color Charcoal

Charcoal (C)



Option 4: Choose your Laminate Top Colors

Classic Collection Laminates

Colors and patterns are representative only. Actual colors and patterns may vary slightly

Folkstone Gray SG241

Folkstone Gray


Opti Gray SG213

Opti Gray


Black SE101



Ice Fishin WF181

Ice Fishin


White Spectrum AW785

White Spectrum


Gateway To the Future AV100

Gateway To the Future



Cavalcade South AT650

Cavalcade South


Tropical Gateway AV110

Tropical Gateway


Summer Heat Wave AO360

Summer Heat Wave


IL Palio Papel AV981

IL Palio Papel


Coriander Fiber AT981

Coriander Fiber


Leave Likatre WP120

Leave Likatre



Looks Likatre WP110

Looks Likatre


Appears Likatre WP115

Appears Likatre


Seems Likatre WP125

Seems Likatre


Hardrock Maple WM791

Hardrock Maple


Pearwood WX031



Shaker Cherry WC521

Shaker Cherry



Oiled Cherry WC421

Oiled Cherry


Jewel Mahagony WY351

Jewel Mahagony


Black Ashwood SZ101

Black Ashwood



Designer Collection Laminates

Colors and patterns are representative only. Actual colors and patterns may vary slightly

Spa White S740T

Spa White


Almond ST655



Putty Gray SG209

Putty Gray


Taupe AT606



Sage AV720



Cubicle Papel AG561

Cubical Papel



Gray Santos AG291

Gray Santos


Negotiating In Geneva PFA60

Negotiating In Geneva


Beige Crepe AT251

Beige Crepe


Opti gray Crepe AG341

Opti Gray Crepe


Vanilla Fiber AW871

Vanilla Fiber


Wheat Fiber AT991

Wheat Fiber



Oatmeal Fiber AT101

Oatmeal Fiber


Thyme Fiber AV721

Thyme Fiber


Shipping Seattle Java PFA48

Shipping Seattle Java


Pepper Fiber AG581

Pepper Fiber


Manila Linen AT231

Manila Linen


Gridlock In LA PFA51

Gridlock In LA



Travelin Light AT680

Travelin Light


Gold Pannin AT710

Gold Pannin


Passin Through AV250

Passin Through


Blue Sandstone AB191

Blue Sandstone


Caramel Crepe AT111

Caramel Crepe


Amber Raffia AO351

Amber Raffia II



Brick by Brick AR350

Brick by Brick


Anigre WX041



Millwork Cherry WC431

Millwork Cherry


Honey Maple WM951

Honey Maple


Yorkshire Cherry WC411

Yorkshire Cherry


Moroccan Fresco AT121

Moroccan Fresco




Option 5: Choose your Edge Treatments

Edge Treatments for Laminated Surfaces

Edge Treatment Standard


Colors 01 - 05

Edge Treatment Wedge


Black only - 06

Edge Treatment Ripple


Black only - 07

Standard Edge Colors

Colors and patterns are representative only. Actual colors and patterns may vary slightly

Folkstone - 01

Folkstone - 01

Black - 02

Black - 02

Opti Gray - 03

Opti Gray - 03

Almond - 04

Almond - 04

HW Brown - 05

HW Brown - 05

Soft White - 53

Soft White - 53



Option 6: Choose your Casters

Sierra Locking Casters

Sierra Locking Casters


  • Low profile locking casters 2" W x 1.5" H
  • Casters raise work centers by 1" versus installed adjustable glides
  • Can be used with all Workrite adjustable work centers, recommended for Sierra workcenters
  • Four (4) casters required for 2 leg workcenters, five (5) casters required for 3 leg workcenters

The following Casters are available

  • 95234 - 4 casters for 2 leg tables
  • 95235 - 5 casters for 3 leg tables



Option 7: Pinch Points

Dimensions provided above are nominal. Actual widths of all tables are reduced by 2" and depths by 1". For example, a nominal 42" × 42" × 24" corner table has an actual dimension of 40" × 40" × 23", and a 72" × 30" rectangular table has an actual dimension of 70" × 29".



Option 8: HX Spacers

HX Accessory Spacers

HX Accessory Spacers

Attach the spacer to the leg motor with the #M6x12 mm Button Cap Screws


HX Accessory Spacers

Secure the support angle to the table top with the #12x3/4" Pan Head Hex Sheet Metal Screws



  • Provides 3" or 5" of additional mounting depth under worksurface for accessories including keyboard platforms
  • 3" spacer can mount to either 24"D or 30"D workcenters; 5" spacer can only be used on 30"D workcenters
  • For 3 leg dual depth workcenters, order spacer for narrowest side
  • Quantity 2 spacers provided


The following Spacers are available

  • SHX-24SPCR: 3" depth spacer, weight 4 lbs
  • SHX-30SPCR: 5" depth spacer, weight 7 lbs


Workcenter Ordering Information

Classic Collection Laminates - 10 working days for quantity 20 or less

Silhouette Collection Laminates - 10 working days for quantity 10 or less

Designer Collection Laminates - 20 working days for quantity 10 or less

Modular, high strength steel frame mounts to worksurface; exceeds ergonomic knee clearance requirements.

All tables have adjustable glides providing ½" adjustment. Table surfaces are predrilled with mounting location for bases. Silhouette surfaces include screws to mount accessory items under the worksurface. Special drill bit required, can be ordered separately.

All tables and bases ship unassembled. Weight information is shipped weight for laminate option only. Sierra HXL Electric legs rated at 175 lbs maximum force per leg. Control box powered by 120V / 60Hz. May draw 2.9 amps maximum under full load. Standby power is 0.1W. 10' power cord with IEC type connection at control box provided.

Cable management spool provided to manage excess control cables; optional cable mount accessories are available.




Literature (Please open the following documents for more technical information)

Workrite Sierra HX Electric 2 Leg Sit Stand Table - Assembly Instruction

 - pdf

Workrite Sierra HX Electric Height Adjustable Workstation - Product Sheet

 - pdf

Workrite Sierra HX Electric Adjustable Height Workcenter - Color and Trim Options

 - pdf

Workrite Workcenter Comparison Guide

 - pdf

Workrite Sierra HX Spacer Kit - Installation Instruction

 - pdf

Model SEHX424224B, SEHX484824B, SEHX484830B
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Part Number SEHX424224B, SEHX484824B, SEHX484830B
Height Range 22"– 48" at 1.6" per second
Lifting Capacity 2-leg: 225 lbs

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WorkRite Sierra HX Electric Equal Corner 2 Legs Bi-Level Table