GoldTouch GT6-0017 Black Gel Filled Mouse Pad - Black

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Goldtouch GT6-0017 Gel Filled Ergonomic Mousing Platform Black GT60017

Productivity via Proper Posturing

Goldtouch GT6-0017 Gel Filled Ergonomic Mousing Platform Black





Features and Benefits of Goldtouch GT6 0017:

    1.  Supports the wrist and helps you attain a neutral wrist posture.


    2.  Unique 3D shape distributes pressure evenly, and helps avoid unwanted pressure points in

         vulnerable soft tissue.


    3.  Comforting Gel structure disperses stress - allows you to relax your hand, wrist and arm.


    4.  Negative tilt on the mousing surface straightens the wrist


    5.  Positive slope on the front surface helps protect your arm from hard desk surfaces


    6.  Gentle 3D curves cater to a greater range of desk and height variance.





Description of Goldtouch GT6-0017:

The unique design of the Goldtouch Mousing Platform allows users to mouse in greater comfort with less risk of contact stress on the nerves in the lower hand and wrist. When using a standard or Vertical mouse, the Mousing Platform’s soft gel protects the wrist and hand from otherwise contacting a harder work surface. When using correct mousing techniques, such as moving with the arm (not bending the wrists), users can enjoy smoother movement of the mouse on the larger tracking surface. The gentle slope and curvature of the Mousing Platform help achieve more neutral postures and keep the mouse on a similar plane to the keyboard.



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Model GT6-0017
Manufacturer GoldTouch
Part Number GT6-0017
UPC 183238000131

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GoldTouch GT6-0017 Black Gel Filled Mouse Pad - Black