Our Affiliates

Site Solutions

Your source for Remote Office Ergonomic Assessment. Site Solutions is a network or Physical and Occupational Therapists dedicated to maximizing employee productivity and minimizing the risk of injury through ergonomic training and education. Site Solutions strives to teach the employee to use the equipment they already have and only recommends equipment that is truly needed. Their therapists have experience in outpatient and occupational medicine clinics treating repetitive stress injuries as well as advanced ergonomics training.

Site Solutions

Ergo Concepts, LLC

Ergo Concepts, LLC is a creative and dynamic company that brings together a working knowledge of human factors and ergonomic principles in a user-friendly manner. Founded in 2001, the Ergo Concepts, LLC team consists of experienced physical therapists and Lori Eig.


Onsite Ergonomics Inc.

Onsite Ergonomics assists companies in reducing their work-related injuries and workers' compensation costs by fitting the job to the worker and enhancing worker performance.


VSI Risk & Management

VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics located in Bay Area is the leader in providing high impact and cost effective environmental, health, and safety consulting services.


The Body at Work

The Body at Work offers hands-on wellness seminars on ergonomics and body mechanics for computer users, as well as individual workstation evaluations. We help you prevent repetitive strain injury by training you to adjust your movement habits and workstation setup and to support your body with comfort and ease. Our classes are interactive and fun! Corporate groups can schedule seminars in their workplace, and individuals can attend workshops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Individual workstation assessments are available in both business and home offices.



Over ten-years of ergonomic consulting experience throughout the Bay Area with a focus on individual behavioral issues and cost-saving solutions. From Library workers to Dog Catchers, Ergovera has specialized in helping government entities as well as non-profits and high tech companies. Customized, interactive training seminars that are interactive, fun, and motivating are our speciality as well as complicated, difficult Workers Compensation cases. We work with Green Certified consultants to bring ergonomics into the initial design phase. We also make customized educational films.



Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) based in Southern California, ERGONAZ is an ergonomics consulting firm dedicated to helping the world's leading office, health, and industrial companies create a safe, comfortable, and productive work environment. Our comprehensive consulting practice offers a wide spectrum of ergonomic services for the office and non-office work environments. Our services can be highly customized on multiple levels to fit your business environment. Whether your goal is to further manage your ergonomics program or to simply increase ergonomic awareness amongst yourself and your employees, ERGONAZ can get you there.


Computing Comfort

Most of us assume the common stresses and strains we feel throughout the workday are just part of the computing experience. But that need not be the case.


Kathy Burwell Consulting

Kathy is a licensed occupational therapist with a Master Degree in Occupational Therapy with 29 years experience in the field. For the past 17 years, she has been the sole proprietor of Kathy Burwell Consulting, providing a multitude of services to institutions and individuals. Her services have included lost time prevention services, training and education, program development, product consult, and ergonomic evaluations both in early identification of risk factors and discomfort as well as worker’s compensation mitigation. These services have been provided to corporations, small and mid-sized companies, and individuals to increase comfort and bring injury costs down.