Budget Laptop Arm ErgoDirect EDL-1105D

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Laptops are unergonomic by their very design. Their small size and portability invariably leads to slouched shoulders, strained wrists, unsupported lower back and bent neck. EDL-1105D provides ergonomic adjustability to your laptop at an affordable price. Mount your laptop with this arm on a desk. Adjust your display vertically 12", extend it horizontally 23.4" and position it according to your height such that your neck and eye level are not strained. All this adjustment with the push of a touch.  

With the ability to carry laptops weighing from 6.4 lbs to 15.8 lbs and up to 17" wide, use this economical arm to mount family laptop in the living room, or on a retail counter in a mom and pop store or in a classroom for the teacher.  Besides the unique design of the laptop holder prevents laptops from overheating. Available in silver and metal grey color, this budget laptop arm can be mounted on a desk with a desk clamp or a grommet mount.   

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Model EDL-1105D
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number EDL-1105D

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