Luxo Lighting Products

The Right Light at Work

At Luxo we focus on The Right Light and what this can do for you
•    It enhances your well-being 
•    It improves performance and efficiency 
•    It adapts to your specific needs 
•    It is ergonomically correct 
•    It creates a positive work environment 
•    It reduces the risk of headaches, tiredness, muscle cramps, and sore eyes
For you to be productive and efficient, and to perform to the best of your capabilities at work, you have to feel at ease with your surroundings. Good light quality is essential for your general well being. You have a lot to gain, both when it comes to well being, flexibility and productivity as well as economically and environmentally, if you choose the right lighting solution.

We cooperate with architects, lighting designers and industrial technicians to create outstanding lighting solutions for use in  many different areas and types of buildings.  Much emphasis is placed on values such as design, quality, ergonomics, safety, lighting technology and concern for the environment.

In today's workspaces we change places and tasks, and we often refurnish. Therefore, a flexible lighting solution is essential. We consider the  combination of good general lighting and individually adjustable task lighting to be the optimal solution.

General Lighting
A solution of indirect lighting that uses the ceilings or walls as reflectors gives good lighting in the entire room, no matter how it is furnished. There are also good solutions of ceiling mounted light fittings that provide both indirect lighting and common downwards directed lighting. However, both solutions should always be supplemented with a task light at each workstation in order to create the correct luminance and lux levels.

Task Lighting
Each person is unique and requires a lighting solution adapted to his or her situation:
o    Visual ability and age
o    Tasks to be performed
o    Office space, layout and colours
o    Size of the workspace
o    Daylight conditions

An overall objective is to obtain correct contrast conditions in the room. Ideally, the light (lux level) should be in the relationship 5:3:1, which means:
5 = strongest in the primary work area (the keyboard, the manuscript or the centre of the desk) 
3 = weaker in the rest of the work area 
1 = weakest in the remainder of the room 

A good lighting solution shall provide an even, comfortable light level and good contrast conditions in the room, and must be adjustable so that illumination can be brought to the task at hand. A task light must produce the type of light and amount of light appropriate to a person’s needs and work situation. Luxo is committed to all these varied conditions. The optimal Luxo lighting solution will make your work less tiring and life more productive.

About Luxo-the right light

Well-known in the industry for 70 years, Luxo is committed to supply innovative ergonomic lighting solutions to meet requirements for the right light. Focusing on the individual and the importance of how lighting influences our well being, we aim to be a partner in creating comfortable, flexible and stimulating environments.

The latest technology, design and functionality are our driving forces. We approach user needs, product design, materials, production technology, resources and the environment in a creative, innovative manner. Working together with recognized international designers, we create lighting that is at the forefront of trends and opportunities of today and the future.

This means that we meet the customer's need for efficiency and a comfortable working environment by offering the best ergonomic lighting solutions - a combination of design, reflector technology and the latest light sources.