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Archelon Tablet Enclosures

A division of Motivational Systems Inc. (MSI), Archelon, manufactures enclosures to protect and secure your iPads and tablets.  Not only do these enclosures protect your tablet from damage or fall but they also secure them against theft. Some of these enclosures come with a charging base too and they have desk as well as wall applications. These enclosures are perfect for point-of-sale applications like restaurants and retail stores and also have use in hospital coridoors and manufacturing floors for temporary data access. They also find usage in public areas like libraries, trade show kiosks or exhibition floors.  


Usage by Industry:



Hotel Lobbies, Guest Rooms or Easy Checkout. Our Secure iPad kiosk enclosure keeps your guests on the go. Be innovative, get competitive, WIN the Customer Loyalty game. Research shows travelers are time impoverished and want ease and simplicity in travel. Serve their needs, become highly differentiated and let the competition chase you! An iPad in a secure Archelon can serve you in endless ways.

  • Replace Guest Room Directory and add a powerful marketing tool.

  • Customize Apps for inspired guest experience.

  • Upgrade VIP/Club level lounges with the iPad experience.

  • Place on a bar or dining table to enhance guest check.

  • Add in busy restaurant holding areas to enrich wait-times.

  • Upgrade POS systems to assist guest and bottom line.

  • Provide Culinary support by adding Archelon’s for inventory and training.

  • Insert your own, creative, custom to fit your business idea here.

Exhibitors - Trade Shows:

Display interactive information, capture email contacts or brief questionnaires for your clients. Our iPad holder makes the perfect interactive kiosk for your trade show booth. In our fast paced world, speed to market can often separate success from mediocrity. Many companies recognize the value to getting in front of many customers at a trade show, exhibiting the ‘best-in-class’ of their services.

iPads are becoming a common medium to convey a multitude of messages, show off a website, explain a concept, capture images amongst the endless uses already explored. And many more to come….

The Archelon is a ‘Must Have’ for the savvy business person who recognizes the importance of being ahead of the game and who is planning to stay there!

Give your sales staff one-on-one attention with trade show attendees, getting contact information, electronic brochures, show videos, and make product information available that is interactive and up-to-date with a secure iPad.



Create product review stations, easy customer sign-ups for store information, waiting room customer convenience services, complete POS units with a secure iPad mount.

  • Customers can browse inventory not on the store shelves.

  • Let Customers search for colors and styles not available in stores.

  • Sharing purchase decisions with friends on social networking.

  • Keep clients occupied while your sales clerk is busy with another customer.

  • Let customers customize products like jewelry, shoes or purses.

  • Restaurant menus could display images, nutritional information, add options, split checks, or save options for their next visit.

  • Track which items customers are spending more time looking at.

Point of Sale:

Show your vibe with the latest, trendiest POS transaction solution. It's a cool, sleek, theft resistant, space efficient iPad kiosk stand.



Create easy access to information in the library, administration office, labs and classrooms with a tamper resistant iPad stand for students, teachers, staff and public use. Be a high-tech school with secure iPads in an Archelon Enclosure.



Create mobile data access, convenient information, health education and patient interactive zones in public and private areas with the secure iPad stand.