Humanscale Height Adjustable Laptop Holders

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For all its convenience, the laptop computer can wreak havoc on the human body. Our laptop holders provide an easy, convenient solution that puts an end to the risks and discomfort of "laptop hunch." Laptop holders position monitors at an ergonomic height and require the use of an external keyboard for long-term user comfort.

If you spend hours on your laptop, one of our laptop holders is a necessity. It lets you adjust the display to the right height and offers a built-in document holder. Each holder requires the use of an external keyboard and mouse, which promotes healthy postures and ensures you'll have desktop comfort along with laptop portability.

Use of a laptop holder can greatly improve the comfort of laptop users, while minimizing the musculoskeletal consequences of prolonged laptop work. Many laptop holders allow and some even promote - use of the laptop keyboard while it is in a raised position. Working in such a way will greatly increase the risks of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries. The only safe laptop holders are those that block access to the laptop's keyboard to prevent users from inadvertently putting themselves at risk.