Ergotron Healthcare

Ergotron's mounting solutions include wall mount and LX desk mount arms, lcd stands, multimonitor mounts, vertical lifts. Ergotron's products require less user effort to achieve more motion.
During 25 years delivering technology to the point of care
Smart Point-of-Care Mounting Solutions for the Entire Facility
1. Reception


Products that assist patient registration and office administration.
2. Waiting Area


Large Display Mounts that are secure and save space.
3. Examination Room


Easy screen sharing for improved caregiver-patient interaction.
4. Nurse Station


Space-saving products that place a screen where it is needed.
5. High-Traffic Area


Make the most of space-constrained work areas.
6. Back Office

Ergotron Healthcare Back Office

Products that free desk space and improve worker comfort.
7. Operating Room


Solutions for upto the minute access to data.
8. Cafeteria


Position large displays, provide Convenient Internet access.
9. Emergency


Solutions that get information to the point of care fast.
10. Conference Room


Large display products that better facilitate meetings.
11. Intensive Care Unit


Sit-to-stand adjustment for better computing ergonomics.
12. Radiology


Multi-display solutions that improve viewing and productivity.
13. In-Patient Floor


Easy and mobile access to electronic patient records.

Point of Care and Everywhere

Healthy computing starts with understanding the diverse needs required to bring EMR, eMAR, PACS, and CPOE to the point of care.  With almost 30 years experience in creating ergonomic solutions for computer users worldwide, and 20 years in healthcare alone, Ergotron is uniquely qualified to help you configure options and design workstations that fit workflow throughout the entire facility.

Collaborate with dedicated healthcare leadership and caregiving professional worldwide.

Choose from a broad solutions-based portfolio offering ease of motion, true ergonomic designs, and space-saving technologies.

Configure options to design workstations that fit your workflow throughout the entire facility

Mounting and Mobility Products: Bring information to the Point of Care

Ergotron products allow computer systems to be easily and ergonomically positioned for any user.  The effect? Minimizing space requirements and maximizing efficiency.

  • Ease of motion - quick adjustment; easily maneuver to the point of care
  • True ergonomic designs - create a comfortable work environment for you
  • Space saving technologies - place equipment wherever it is needed
  • Tablet PC and MCA compatible - Hands-free positioning for pen-enabled computing

Styleview carts: In depth view of the premier pint of care cart

Recommended Product Selections: Carts

  • EMR applications: carts for point of care computing
  • PHD applications - carts facilitating medication delivery
  • Mobile Imaging applications - large screen solutions
  • Stylelink Asset Management software: enterprise power system management.
Wall Mounts:

Styleview Vertical Lift: in depth view of mounts for space constrained areas

Styleview HD combo: in depth view of mount offering full articulation

Recommended Product Selections: Wall Mounts

  • Combo Mounts: Accommodate both display and keyboard
  • Monitor Mounts: for single display, up to 24" in size
  • Large Display Mounts: for single display, over 24" in size
  • Multi-display Mounts: for two or more displays
Desk Mounts:

Recommended Product Selections: Desk Mounts

  • LCD Mounts: for single display
  • Laptop Mounts - for notebook computers
  • Multi Display Mounts - for two or more displays
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