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Fox Bay Ergonomic Products

Fox Bay Industries, Inc. manufactures and distributes high quality ergonomic products such as articulating arms, keyboard trays, wrist supports, foot supports and other related accessories. Fox Bay products are manufactures from the best materials available. They are engineered and built to exacting standards. Each product is rigorously tested and inspected for defects before leaving the factory. Our keyboard trays and other products carry a 25-Year Warranty against defects and workmanship.

A great deal of research goes into our CarpalRest and TarsalRest product lines. Ergonomic professionals recommend our products daily. They agree that our innovative keyboard trays, monitor supports and wrist supports help minimize stress and fatigue, as well as, diminish the risks normally associated with repetitive motion injuries.

Increased comfort means increased worker productivity. Upgrading to our state of the art products can greatly increase worker comfort as well as reduce the risk of injury. Based upon the feedback from safety professionals, therapists, and ergonomists, we design systems that offer maximum support, adjustability, comfort and function.

Fox Bay provides unique solutions for unique challenges. We have found that correctly engineer or modified computer workstations that better fit the user can help to minimize stress, fatigue, and the risk of repetitive motion injuries. For the employer, that translates into reduced medical claims and absenteeism, improved safety, comfort and productivity.

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