Zesta Office Chairs 

The Total Zesta Collection: Zesta, Zesta Plus, Zesta Premier - Sleek. Stylish. Sophisticated.

The zesta - dynamic curves excite the senses

The pleasures the Zesta provides go beyond its exqusitely streamlined elegance.  This superstar among office chairs is also well equiped with the latest in innovative features.  Featuring positive back release for the backrest and a European foam formula for the seat and back, the Zesta is packed with convenience and comfort of the higher caliber.

The zesta plus - luxuious comfort with modern style

The zesta plus is a masterwork of executive office seating.  Its exhilarating curves provide the kind of superb luxury a VIP deserves.  With the addition of a handsome, more stylish control mechanism, the zesta plus is truly a sight to behold and a benchmark in office seating design.

The zesta premier - the power of multiple adjustable features

With zesta premier executive seating, form follows function - what is beautiful to the eye is also comfortable to the body.  And the beauty of the zesta premier is certainly unmistakable.  The contoured seat and the elongated tuxedo back are complemented by a chrome fountain base, control mechanisms and elegant casters.   But behind these striking good look is the power of adjustable functions that conforms to your every needs.

Which zesta is right for you?

Discriminating business executive have varying needs.  The perfect office chair for one executive may not work for others.  So we've created three luxurious zesta models, all designed to suit different work styles and personal tastes.