SIS Xtreme Crank Table and Electric Desk

SIS Xtreme Crank Adjustable Electric Table Office Solutions

For the office of today, and tomorrow...SIS-USA manual, crank and electric height adjustable workstations and ergonomic accessories improve comfort and productivity in office, call center, healthcare, training, and higher education environments. SIS-USA designs workstations in seated or sit-to-stand range and in nearly any shape or size.  Upgrades are available that ensure future flexibility, allowing workstations to adapt as technology and other needs change. SIS-USA offers a lifetime warranty on office furniture.  SIS offers well designed, flexible, adjustable, mobile furniture.

Sit to stand collection of crank and electric tables available in all sizes. Conversion from crank to electric of installed models is available through a unique 'beam buyback program'.

Xtreme surface options:

  • Single Surface
  • Bilevel Surface
  • Cornerflex
  • Combi Corner