Anthro Cart Accessories 

Anthro is extremely modular and flexible.  With so many accessories, and so many choices, you literally make your space work for you.  Configure a workstation for the way you work now.  Reconfigure it down the line when your equipment or space changes.  We would be pleased to help you come up with the workstation that best suits you!

  1. Accessories for CPU - Whether you want your CPU close to you or up and out of the way, Anthro gives you plenty of CPU storage options SideRacks, Slide outs, Enclosures, and Shelves
  2. Cable Management - Protect and concel your cords and cables in a variety of ways.  Some Anthro products come standard with integrated cable management.  For even more options, look for cable closet, cable channels, cable wrap, hooks, and even our Anthrocart cable management kit.
  3. Drawers and Storage Space - We have a place to store all your "stuff".  From drawers to storage unit enclosures to our stand alone FileAround, Anthro has jsut a solution for you.  We'll help you find a place for everything.
  4. Ergonomic Choices - Be comfortable!  Anthro has lots of adjustable accessories for your keyboard, monitors and documents.  Try our keyboard & mouse caddies, monitor arms, and document stand.
  5. Power - Who likes crawling around on the floor trying to plug in a new piece of equipment?  We can help you put the power outlets right on your workstation.  Look for power bars and surge protector for a range of sizes.  Some products (like eNook, Power supply cart and laptop storage cart) come with integrated power systems.