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Accessories and Adapters for Projector, Flat Panel Mounts


Premier Mounts carries accessories and adapters for a every of installation scenarios and market. Accessories and adapters include A/V shelves, media storage adapters, extension pipes, ceiling adapters, our own compact power amplifier and many more. Researching A/V market trends allows us to stay ahead of the industry curve and to create accessories and adapters that add ease to installations and provide solutions to possible mounting obstacles.


Projector Accessories:

Premier Accessories and Adapters for projector mounts enable easy installation in any type of ceiling. Additionally, adjustable pipes can adjust for any ceiling height and stackers offer accommodations for multiple projectors.


Flat Panel Accessories:

Whether you need additional security, increased functionality, improved visibility and viewing comfort, Premier flat-panel accessories and adapters mate easily to our mounts no matter where your installation may take you.


Carts and Stand Accessories:

Carts and Stand accessories support additional equipment like DVDs, cable boxes, media servers, conference cameras and much more. They also allow shipping adaptability and provide aesthetic finishing touches.

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