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Remote Office Ergonomic Assessment

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  • Online ergonomic evaluation helps you improve your posture and reduce pain.
  • Increases your comfort level and your productivity at work.
  • Expert ergonomic evaluator will listen to your personal ergonomic concerns and offer custom solutions to improve your work environment.
  • Steve Maegher at Site Solutions is recommended by ErgoDirect as a knowledgeable Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist.
  • Site Solutions is an affiliate of ErgoDirect. Inc, and their views and opinion are independent from that of ErgoDirect. ErgoDirect is not liable for services provided by Site Solutions.
  • On-site ergonomic assessment is available. Please contact for quote if you need on-site visit.  
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Remote Office Ergonomic Assessment

Telecommuting is becoming more and more popular with 80% to 90% of the US workforce reporting they would like to telework at least part time. Unfortunately there are few services to help people set up their home office to be productive and pain free.  Many people just go to Amazon or the local big box stationary/electronics/furniture store and buy the cheapest desk and chair they can find or simply use their laptop at the kitchen table (that’s what I did). The problem is if the workstation is not set up correctly it can cause pain and potentially debilitating injury. Getting a qualified ergonomist to help set up your home office can be almost impossible! Even if you can find someone to visit, scheduling and appointment can be slow and expensive.  Until Now!

Site Solutions, a network of specially trained Physical Therapists,  has created a remote ergonomic assessment to solve this problem. A remote office ergonomic assessment is a great alternative for those who telecommute or are not near a consultant who can provide an on-site assessment. We request pictures of you in the workstation that allow us to see how you are working and identify potential risks.   Using web-cams and a GoToMeeting hook up to we can then review the pictures to identify potential risks and work with you to create a pain free and functional home office! 

Simply send us pictures of you in the workstation (to see examples click below)  for our therapist to review and  appointment booking information will be sent so you can schedule an on-line assessment.

Prior to the appointment a link to an on-line meeting site will be sent to you. At the appointment time simply click on the link and we will be connected! Our therapist will ask you about your work activities to understand what you do and how you interact with the workstation. Then using a screen sharing we review your pictures to identify any risk factors. Potential solutions to those problems are then discussed. Ideally we can teach you to use the equipment you already have to support a comfortable and functional workstation. If equipment is needed we can make recommendations based on what will work for your situation

A written report with your pictures, recommended changes and equipment (if needed) will be completed during the assessment and sent to you within 48 hours of the evaluation. Vendor information can be provided if needed.

A remote ergonomic assessment is $175 and includes picture analysis, an online consult and written report.

·       Review of self assessment form

·       Review of digital images provided by employee

·       Risk factor identification

·       Implementation of changes, as able, to workstation during assessment

·       Instruction/training on ways to reduce the risks

·       Report with recommended equipment

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Remote Office Ergonomic Assessment