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I am using the NeoFlex Wideview Workstation in a rather unorthodox fashion (car audio tuning). The website truly helped me put together my cart. The sales support I received with various add-on components was great. Product arrived quickly and was well packed. Unfortunately, I did not receive certain parts that I ordered due to an issue in the shipping department. The problems were quickly identified and remedied through both Jake and Nick in Customer Support I will certainly consider ErgoDirect for future purchases and, in fact, am looking to purchase an ergonomic chair for my new workstation. Job well done!!

John, Looneyville, WV on 03/04/2017

My husband gave me a coupon for a new sewing chair for Christmas. I have major back issues and have had a terrible time finding the features I wanted most, forward tilt & lumbar support. I was totally disheartened today when I discovered the chair I'd been waiting a month for from an office supply store had been cancelled. Beginning my search again, I stumbled across Ergodirect, and Christina initiated an online chat and asked me what I was looking for. Christina recommended the Office Master Discovery Back Ergonomic Task Chair, a chair with both lumbar support AND forward tilt! The chair is made in the USA which was another HUGE point in it's favor. Christina walked me through all of the key points AND helped me choose a color that met my qualifications for fun and bright! (magma was my ultimate choice). I actually found the chair for less on another site and asked Christina why I should buy from Ergodirect. Her answer: because we are here for the customer first, to help and make sure they have a good experience. I should also mention Ergodirect has an amazing number of fabrics to choose from. Christina IS the reason I ordered the chair today from Ergodirect, pure and simple. She was friendly, helpful, didn't try to sell me more than she thought I needed, and had a fun sense of humor. To her boss, let me say, you have an awesome employee in Christina! I can hardly wait for my chair!!!

Jeanne Pahl, Retired person--quilter (hours at a time) digital scrapper (also hours at a time), Pine Island, Minnesota on 02/27/2017

Very easy and the web site was easy to use. Christina Davis was also terrifically helpful throughout.

Robert Hengst, PM, Austin, TX on 02/22/2017

I contacted ErgoDirect about a discontinued product. I had several questions and I revealed in my message that I was not at this time interested in purchasing any of their products. I received a very prompt, courteous and thorough response. My message was forwarded to someone who could provide the detailed information I was requesting. I was very impressed with this service and if in the future I need something that ErgoDirect supplies, I will definitely contact this company.

Janice Newson, PROFESSOR, GRAFTON ONTARIO CANADA on 02/13/2017

Super easy to work with and order. Website very informative and easy to maneuver. This is the 3rd adjustable standing desk top I have ordered. The quality is amazing!

Debbie Lindberg-Hoskins, Anaheim, CA on 02/07/2017

I have not had the chance to use the product yet, but if the product does as advertised, it should be perfect fit for me! The website is easy and very user friendly! Steve

Steve Hinson, Lexington , Tn. on 02/07/2017

Great customer service, quick delivery and the product works great....

Kim Benson, Brunswick, Maine on 02/07/2017

Nick was excellent on the phone, stayed on the phone while I placed my order online, provided excellent advice, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need, and all this on a Sunday! Very happy with the experience. Would recommend this company to anyone.

Michele Erbacher, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, Lockport, NY on 02/05/2017

I purchased a Liberty Chair (ergonomic desk chair made by Human Scale) through ErgoDirect several years ago and needed replacement pads for the arms. Jake at customer service needed to check on some details and got back to me within a day to confirm that the replacement pads would be the correct ones, and he then explained what I would need to do. Everything ran very smoothly including regular updates on my shipment. And the replacement pads are exactly what was needed. I wish other companies were run this well.

Road Warrior, Los Angeles, California on 01/30/2017

Resolution was quick and painless, thanks to Evert Amaya.

Colleen Maire, Sales support specialist, Goleta, CA on 01/30/2017

I just had a fantastic experience with ErgoDirect. I called in a bit of a panic because I discovered that we failed to order 20 monitor arms for a big AV project. The challenge was that we were going to be closing our campus the following week for the Winter Break, and would not be able to receive deliveries. I needed the product by the end of the week. I thought this was an impossible task, but I called and spoke with Nick Moshiri, Senior Account Executive. To my surprise, he said that this would be no problem. He confirmed that he had a sufficient quantity of the product in the warehouse, and because they are only about 80 miles from me I could easily receive them by the end of the week. This was at about 9:30 on a Monday morning. I rushed the purchasing process through at my end, and by 2:30 PM that same day I received shipping confirmation with tracking numbers. Nick drove the entire process. It made my day for sure. I could not have asked for better customer service. Thanks Nick and ErgoDirect?

Jeff Sears, IT Project Coordinator, Stockton, CA on 12/13/2016

I ordered a Neutral Posture 8000 chair (to replace my 15+ year-old 8000) from ErgoDirect. Filling out the on-line order form was easy (and with a ton of options to choose from), and they responded immediately with an expected shipping date. Pricing was good (I shopped around). When parts turned out to be backordered at the manufacturer (the chair was custom-built) and shipping was delayed, their rep was extremely helpful in keeping me apprised as to what was happening and when I could expect shipping. I couldn't have asked for better customer service. It shipped about a week late, but that was not the fault of ErgoDirect. Shipping time (FedEx) from Texas to California was quick (shipped Friday afternoon, arrived the next Tuesday afternoon). It arrived, I unboxed it and assembled it (took about five minutes) and I'm sitting in it now as I type this review. I can happily recommend ErgoDirect and its customer service to anyone looking to purchase items from them.

Jonathan Perry, Teacher, Camarillo, CA on 10/25/2016

The Ergodirect website was extremely user friendly, there was never a moment of uncertainty in regards to what the next step should be. I placed an order for a gaming chair, and due to the shipping address being different from the billing address, I received an E-mail to confirm that the order was not fraudulent. The E-mail seemed to be personally typed from an Ergodirect employee; however, upon replying to said E-mail, I received several duplicate messages with no response to the E-mail I sent. This flawed automated E-mail system was an inconvenience and delayed my order by several days. With that being said, after contacting customer service via telephone my order was cleared almost immediately. The customer service was amazingly professional and helpful, quite honestly one of the most pleasant and pain free interactions with a customer service hotline that I've ever experienced.

Matthew D Reece, Student Physical Therapist Assistant, Lynn Haven on 10/12/2016

The website contains a lot of detailed information and instructions, very practical. If one spends enough time, usually one can find most important information. It would be even better, if the website could offer an image of the selected chair and chair parts, as the selecting process is going on, so that customers have a chance to see what they will get, which often can help them make their final decisions quicker. Personally, I have an OM chair in office, and the quality is great. That's why I decided to buy one for my home office, too.

Stella, Los Angeles on 10/10/2016

Nick was most helpful in addressing my concerns of "which model to select." Once my application was shared with him, his advice was "right on!" Nick also addressed my concern of a prompt delivery (to enable installation by a schedules contractor for the ordered solid surface material counters) was also very satisfactory. Thank you!

Geoffrey S Fradin, Asheville, NC on 09/07/2016

Working with ErgoDirect was one of the best experiences my wife and I ever had with a vendor. The online ordering process was easy, and the customer service provided from ErgoDirect, especially from Evert, was incredible. They were very communicative on our order status, and the chairs shipped faster than originally estimated. Although some may think these chairs are overly expensive, or too expensive, we believe we've finally found the chairs we've always wanted. The money we've spent on less expensive chairs would have easily paid for these. We bought two high-backs with headrests; Gaming Chair ED-OM5-EX Office Master High Back Executive Chair with headrests. The chairs are extremely comfortable. We sit in them for hours on end in our home office. My wife and I are both computer gamers, so we've definitely put these chairs to the test. When the chairs arrived via FedEx, they were very easy to assemble. The chairs come practically assembled. You simply have to put the base down on the ground, then insert the shock, then set the assembled chair and arms on the shock. That is it. Time to start enjoying your high quality chair! The world would be a much better place if customer service from other vendors mirrored ErgoDirect. We cannot say enough good things about our experience with ErgoDirect, and Evert in Customer Service. The chairs are amazing as well. You will not regret your purchase! Thank you for a great product, and a great experience!

David and Kelly Peppard, Centennial, Colorado on 08/29/2016

My experience working with the customer service and sales staff was unexpectedly fantastic. I had a broken part on a chair that had a lifetime guarantee, and even though I was not the original purchaser of the chair, ErgoDirect contacted the manufacturer, tracked down the part, and had it shipped directly to me without charge. This required several days of e-mail communication to resolve, yet the customer service representative was dogged in finding a solution to the problem and keeping me informed of his progress. Maybe because my expectations were so low that this chair could be repaired only at great expense that I am able to say, without exception, that working with ErgoDirect to fix the problem has been the most satisfying customer service experience I've had in a very long time.

Roger Hopkins, Columbia Falls, MT on 03/30/2016

After having neck surgery for a pinched nerve, my physical therapist strongly recommended a "standing desk." I did extensive research on the Ergotron 33-406-085 WorkFit-TL Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation, and needed to have a lot of questions answered. I contacted several retailers who pretty much just wanted to sell me the unit. Their understanding of this product was minimal at best. The sales staff at ErgoDirect could not have been more helpful. They were very personable and took the time to thoroughly (and I mean thoroughly) go over the product information, accessories, pricing, etc. This was one of the most positive buying experiences for me!

Gene C., NY on 12/24/2015

I was overwhelmed by the choices on the site, so I called. The person who worked with me was very helpful and knowledgeable. I felt confident ordering after our conversation. Thank you!

Dr. Sue T, Georgia on 12/15/2015

I had a couple of questions about the product prior to ordering and their support team was very helpful. They got answers to the questions while I was on the line and verified my order. I received an immediate email confirming the order with a confirming call from their support team indicating that the order had been placed and would ship the next day. They showed great customer service and I would definitely purchase from them again.

Greg S., Oregon on 11/30/2015

I am highly pleased with the customer service I received from Jake Pedrablanca. He responded to several of my inquiries in a very prompt manner.Jake was more than able and willing to provide me with all the specific information I was looking for and always ended the discussion with "Let me know if there is anything else". Customer service as such not only builds but strengthens client relationship. I commend him for his service excellence. Thank you Jake.

Zaeem I., Dell Secureworks, GA on 11/04/2015

Phenomenal! Immediate response to my email inquiry with parts quote attached. Speedy over night delivery was crucial! Mirin Riddell,, Customer Service Manager, handled every phase of our order and we are very grateful for this.

Goritzia R, Florida on 10/28/2015

I want to compliment Mirin for being a huge help for a problem I encountered. I ordered, and got, an articulated arm for my computer and when I got it I found that the angled arm I ordered put the screen too high and made the adjustment down difficult against the springs in the arm. I discovered that I should have ordered the arm with the straight arm. Before I started down the path of changing the arm I was thinking, “just return it – it will be easier that way”. I sent in an email requesting a trade of the angled arm I got for a straight arm. In short order Mirin responded saying she could help me. Mirin made me happy I didn’t just return the entire unit which would have left me with no arm for a week or so. In today’s world being treated like a customer is an unusual experience, so I have to compliment her for the very professional way she handled my request. Getting the straight arm made the product perfect for me. The articulating arm operates great when I don’t have it pointing down like I did when I had the angled arm. Thanks Mirin!

Mike H on 10/23/2015

I cannot begin to express how impressed I am with EroDirect and Nick!. I needed information to help me determine the correct desk mount arms to purchase and possible mount possibilities, etc. (I am a newbie at this and was very hesitant to call.) It was the easiest and most helpful call I have experienced. When Nick answered my call, he immediately knew how to help and guide me for our office needs. He was patient, very knowledgeable, took the time to research the monitor and mini PC weight, explained how to mount, what was included with the selection, etc. Most reps would never spend the time he did to ensure I was ordering the correct product. He is amazing! We ordered 24, Innovative 7Flex104i Monitor Arms, installed all without any issues. We are very pleased with these arms. Thank you for EXCELLENT SERVICE. If every rep I call was as helpful and knowledgeable as Nick, my job would be much easier. Thank you!

Ann Y, GA on 10/15/2015

I always purchase my chairs from Ergodirect. The quality is much better than any where else that I ordered chairs from. Also, their customer service is very good. I like the fact that when I call in somebody is informed about my order and can answer questions and also even make suggestions for what to order or not order. Literally I have been ordering chairs from them for almost 10 years. Thank you for your help.

Mike M, California on 10/13/2015