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Why OM5 is good for your backpain?

  Does your job need you to sit in a chair and type away at the computer for long hours? Do you have backpain from continuous sitting? We recommend the OM5 for you. More love for OM5 As you all know by now, we love the OM5 and we’re never

how to adjust your office chair

How to Adjust Your Office Chair

How to Adjust Your Office Chair Welcome to the ErgoDirect Office Chair Adjustment guide. In this article, we will identify and describe what all of those levers and knobs are on your chair and explain how you should adjust each one to maximize the chair’s support. If you have just

How to choose erongomic chair

How To Choose the Best Ergonomic Chair for You

After the computer, the most important items in your office are the chair and the desk. You may be tempted to spend the most on the desk, the primary office status symbol, but unless you’re actually seeing clients in your office, you don’t need a desk that looks great as