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What is the solution if your desk is too high?

The standard height of a desk is 28-30”.  According to the ergonomic desk height calculator, a 28”-30” inch tall desk is appropriate for a 6’ tall person. But an examination of the distribution of the US population by height reveals that 95 percentile of US men fell below the height of 6’ while 90


How Ergonomics Helps Prevent Gamer’s Disease?

 It is estimated that around 164 million Americans play video games across the US. Some cognitive benefits are attributed to gaming like increasing focus and concentration and building a virtual community. However research suggests that gaming is one of the leading causes of sedentary illnesses, which we are calling Gamers Disease collectively. Here


Why you have a stiff back?

Are you concerned as to why you have a stiff back? You’re not alone. Approximately 80% of individuals suffer from a stiff back at some stage of their lives, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Back pain can be as simple as muscle tension or potentially a more serious


The Most Common Mistakes that Standing Desk Buyers Make

Yes, There ARE Standing Desks for Petite and Short users and We Have Them! If you’re short, you know how challenging it is to find a desk that fits your size–especially if it’s a standing desk.  Since 5′ 4″ is the average height for women, what are those who are


A Bad Work From Home Space Spells Trouble Down The Road

Poor ergonomics can lead to negative health effects. Photo By Andrea Piacquadio After a few months of clacking away at a kitchen counter, dining room table, sofa, bed, or at a DIY stand up desk made from an ironing board, millions of people working from home are now realizing that


Improve Remote Learning With Ergonomic Furniture For Kids

Create a Healthy, Motivating, Kid-Friendly Ergonomic Home Learning Set Up  Photo By Thomas Park On Unsplash School has begun in every state. In homes all across America, you’ll find students doing their homework and zoom calls propped up on pillows, slumped over the kitchen table, in a beanbag chair, on


Setting Up a Remote Learning Workspace for Kids

This school year, perhaps the best way parents can support their kids who are struggling to learn at home is to give them a dedicated place where they can focus amid all the distractions at home. Photo By Pixabay On Pexels One way you can help your kids to focus

What Is VESA And How Does It Work?
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What Is VESA And How Does It Work?

What Are The Benefits Of A VESA Mount? Mounting your display on a wall mounting arm, desk stand, desk clamp mounting arm will let you customize it for your height and adjust it for depth, an ergonomic necessity that lets you work at your computer without any aches or pains.