How to mount ultrawide monitors

How to Mount Ultrawide Monitors?

We’ve been touting the benefits of multi-monitors for some time now. They increase productivity, reduce eye strain and decrease the need for clicks.  With multi-monitor mounts , your monitors can be off your desktop, freeing valuable desk space in the process.  Now monitors have gone ultrawide and here we are

Varidesk ProPlus 36

7 Problems with the Varidesk

Today Varidesk is recognized as a leader in the standing desk industry. Not only was it one of the first companies to introduce desktop risers or converters, it also paved the way for other such products by creating awareness about converting a traditional desk into standing desk with the help


We told you so…

We’ve been talking about the importance of movement and alternating between sitting and standing for some time now.  Some excerpts from our older blog posts March 24, 2014 – Sitting for too long! Ouch! Sitting puts about 50 percent more pressure on your lower back than standing. But people who stand


Our Holiday Sale

It’s that time of the year when sale, discounts and shopping is on everyone’s mind. We present our 2018 Holiday Sale. Please take advantage and ensure your comfort, productivity and health. Here are our offerings – OM5 Gaming Chair –  Named by PC Gamer as one of their best gaming

dental arm 5-email

7 Ergonomic products for dentists

Dental offices are highly specialized professional workspaces that demand unique equipment. The heart of this workspace is a dental operatory, a room where the dentist examines and treats patients. Here are certain typical features of dental operatories – 1) Limited space – In the limited space of an operatory, not only