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petite users with a tall desk

4 Solutions For Petite Users With A Tall Desk

If you are a petite person you may have experienced problems in getting the right clothes or furniture that is suitable for your height. We have observed that the majority of petite computer users do not have a properly-sized computer desk . A Standard Desk Doesn’t Work For Everyone A

Desk For Short People

4 Things To look for In A Desk For Short People (And More)

Being petite and short, you understand all too well the struggle of living in a tall person’s world. Purchasing clothes that fit well is difficult. Reaching items on the top shelf at a grocery store is impossible. It’s also not very pleasant trying to see around tall people at concerts


Great Desk Mount for Sit-Stand Desk With a Monitor Arm

  Do you have limited desk space but no way of working without a large screen? You probably have constant clutter in your work space while working under pressure with nowhere to place documents and everything else that tends to pile up.  The Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand Mount could be your