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8 Ways to Reduce Back Pain in the Office

In today’s busy workplace, most of us rarely take the time to think about our health unless it is impeding our daily life. Spending the time to research and make changes in your life today will payoff later on down the road. Your spine is one of the most important


What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Monitor Stand

A monitor stand is your entry into ergonomic products especially if you are looking for an economical price point.  A simple, no-mounting free-standing installation is another advantage. Place it directly on your tabletop (no drilling required), attach a monitor and you are good to start work.        


4 Benefits of Multi-Monitor Mounts

Is your neck sore from staring at your monitor in the same position for hours? A monitor arm or mount could help. Monitor arms, mounts, and stands are flexible, allowing you to make ample adjustments and re-adjustments to the height and tilt of your screen, rather than being bound to