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A Bad Work From Home Space Spells Trouble Down The Road

Poor ergonomics can lead to negative health effects. Photo By Andrea Piacquadio After a few months of clacking away at a kitchen counter, dining room table, sofa, bed, or at a DIY stand up desk made from an ironing board, millions of people working from home are now realizing that

Google Announces Work from Home Plan
Work From Home,

Google Announces Work From Home Plan

Google recently announced that they are giving employees who work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic a $1,000 allowance to cover home office furniture and equipment costs according to CEO Sundar Pichai. Though some may be required to work from a Google facility, “…returning to the office will be voluntary

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Ordering your Employees to Work from Home! What could go wrong?

With the COVID-19 outbreak many companies are now asking their employees to work from home. Working in a home office needs to be taken very seriously. Just like the workplace, home offices need to keep workers safe and productive. Billions of dollars go into corporate offices to ensure that workers