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What is an Ergonomic Mouse For?

Mouse use can lead to a variety of pains and strains in the wrist and hands, usually referred to as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). MSDs include repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), tingling or numb fingers, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, and hand pain. Ergonomic mice are designed to keep your hand in


How to Install a Keyboard Tray Track on a Crossbar Desk

If you type for several hours a day you could be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, a repetitive-stress injury (RSI), or other ergonomic strains (forearm aches, numb or tingling fingers, and finger pain). Investing in a keyboard tray can help keep your forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers in a


Is the New Japanese Gaming Chair Really Ergonomic?

There’s a new gaming chair on the market in Japan, claiming to be ergonomic and posture correcting. But is it true? Limited news released so far says the Buddy chair “helps you maintain good posture” and encourages gamers “to sit near the screen”. However, I have yet to read exactly


7 Ways Posture Can Help You Game (Or Work!) Longer

Neutral, relaxed positions put less strain on the body, reducing the likelihood of problems like sore wrists, neck ache, and back ache. Follow our guidelines below to adjust your PC gaming setup for better posture. Find seat height – The distance from the floor to just below your kneecap is

office ergonomics faq

Office Ergonomics FAQ

Investing in office ergonomics will help create a healthy, productive, and motivated work environment. Q: What is ergonomics? A: Ergonomics is the science of fitting the task to the worker in order to maximize productivity while reducing discomfort, fatigue and injury. For many years, companies have followed a one-size-fits-all approach


Why Your Workout May Not Mean Much

How often do you get up during your day? Do you sit in a chair for more than 8 hours? Sometimes we think heading to the gym after work will counteract our long hours of sitting. But many studies show that no matter how hard you work out in the