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Why OM5 is good for your backpain?

  Does your job need you to sit in a chair and type away at the computer for long hours? Do you have backpain from continuous sitting? We recommend the OM5 for you. More love for OM5 As you all know by now, we love the OM5 and we’re never


OM5 – Most Recommended Gaming Chair

At ErgoDirect, we know that the OM5 is the best gaming chair on the market but we wanted to let other people chime in with their opinions. We have been overwhelmed with the recent positive responses about our OM5 gaming chair. PC Gamer Show – Guide to Gaming Chairs (Feb


Our Holiday Sale

It’s that time of the year when sale, discounts and shopping is on everyone’s mind. We present our 2018 Holiday Sale. Please take advantage and ensure your comfort, productivity and health. Here are our offerings – OM5 Gaming Chair –  Named by PC Gamer as one of their best gaming


8 Ways to Reduce Back Pain in the Office

In today’s busy workplace, most of us rarely take the time to think about our health unless it is impeding our daily life. Spending the time to research and make changes in your life today will payoff later on down the road. Your spine is one of the most important


7 Ways Posture Can Help You Game (Or Work!) Longer

Neutral, relaxed positions put less strain on the body, reducing the likelihood of problems like sore wrists, neck ache, and back ache. Follow our guidelines below to adjust your PC gaming setup for better posture. Find seat height – The distance from the floor to just below your kneecap is


2 New Upgrades for Your Gaming Chair

As we mentioned last year, Linus Sebastian, the face of LinusTechTips on Youtube, recently reviewed our Office Master OM5 Gaming Chair. The OM5 is so advanced that it requires no levers, knobs or manual adjustments. Whatever your position, the chair automatically adjusts while providing continuous lumbar support, and keeping you


How to Choose the Right Cylinder for Your Chair

Your chair is the most important part of your ergonomic working environment. On average, employees spend 5-6 hours daily in a sitting position, so choosing the right chair is important for your health and comfort. There are several factors to keep in mind when picking your ergonomic chair. However, today’s


How Does Linus Sebastian Rate ErgoDirect’s Gaming Chair?

We’re not the only ones who like the  Office Master OM5 gaming chair. Earlier this month, Linus Sebastian reviewed the OM5 on his wildly popular YouTube channel LinusTechTips. He found out about the chair in February when PCGamer magazine recommended the OM5 as the best gaming chair.       What did