Google Announces Work from Home Plan
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Google Announces Work From Home Plan

Google recently announced that they are giving employees who work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic a $1,000 allowance to cover home office furniture and equipment costs according to CEO Sundar Pichai. Though some may be required to work from a Google facility, “…returning to the office will be voluntary

petite users with a tall desk

4 Solutions For Petite Users With A Tall Desk

If you are a petite person you may have experienced problems in getting the right clothes or furniture that is suitable for your height. We have observed that the majority of petite computer users do not have a properly-sized computer desk . A Standard Desk Doesn’t Work For Everyone A

Working from home now_ Tips for staying healthy

Working from home now? Tips for staying healthy

Now that many of us are working from home due to the coronavirus, we need to be sure that we have the right home office setup since so we don’t create physical problems for ourselves such as repetitive stress injuries. Working from home is not like working in an office.

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Ordering your Employees to Work from Home! What could go wrong?

With the COVID-19 outbreak many companies are now asking their employees to work from home. Working in a home office needs to be taken very seriously. Just like the workplace, home offices need to keep workers safe and productive. Billions of dollars go into corporate offices to ensure that workers

ultra wide monitors
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How to Mount Ultrawide Monitors II – Problems & Solutions?

Ultra-Wide Monitor Mounts We know how important it is to create a well-designed working environment for ourselves and our employees. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that businesses provide “a safe and comfortable computer workstation” for their employees.  Today, we are going to talk about monitor

Desk For Short People

4 Things To look for In A Desk For Short People (And More)

Being petite and short, you understand all too well the struggle of living in a tall person’s world. Purchasing clothes that fit well is difficult. Reaching items on the top shelf at a grocery store is impossible. It’s also not very pleasant trying to see around tall people at concerts

How To Adjust Your Monitor Arm
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5 Tips: How To Adjust Your Monitor Arm

Choosing the perfect monitor arm is only the first step in within an office or home setting. However, with all that comes through a monitor arm, you may be wondering, what is the most optimal way for adjustments? In this guide, we will show you the best way to adjust

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back

Gaming Chairs: Are They Good For Your Back And Posture?

There is a lot of buzz around gaming chairs, but are gaming chairs good for your back? Besides the flamboyant looks, how do these chairs help? This post discusses how gaming chairs provide support to the back leading to an improved posture and for better work performance. It also discusses