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Desk For Short People

4 Things To look for In A Desk For Short People (And More)

Being petite and short, you understand all too well the struggle of living in a tall person’s world. Purchasing clothes that fit well is difficult. Reaching items on the top shelf at a grocery store is impossible. It’s also not very pleasant trying to see around tall people at concerts


Unique Standing Desk Converter – WorkFit-TLE

In recent years, the number of options for standing desk converters has skyrocketed. These converters require no assembly – just place them on your desk and you’re ready to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing. With so many options though, which one’s the right one for you? Our recent blog will


4 Benefits of Multi-Monitor Mounts

Is your neck sore from staring at your monitor in the same position for hours? A monitor arm or mount could help. Monitor arms, mounts, and stands are flexible, allowing you to make ample adjustments and re-adjustments to the height and tilt of your screen, rather than being bound to


The Importance of Workstation and Monitor Arm Minimum Weight Requirements

When purchasing a monitor arm, there’s a wide variety of components to think about: number of monitors, mounting options,  adjustments, budget, weight requirements, etc. Most of the time, maximum weight requirements have more influence over a purchasing decision because you want to ensure that your monitor will be supported. But


Convert Your Desk to a Standing Desk – Comparison Chart

What if you want to get onto the sit stand bandwagon but don’t want to get rid of your existing desk? Simple, you convert your desk to a standing desk with a converter. The four different WorkFit series of workstations are meant exactly for that. See our chart below for easy workstation