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OM5 – Most Recommended Gaming Chair

At ErgoDirect, we know that the OM5 is the best gaming chair on the market but we wanted to let other people chime in with their opinions. We have been overwhelmed with the recent positive responses about our OM5 gaming chair. PC Gamer Show – Guide to Gaming Chairs (Feb


How to Reduce Eye Discomfort While Gaming

Have you ever been forced to leave or stop playing a game, or even seek medical assistance for gaming injuries? Common gaming strains include dry eyes, headache, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, tired eyes, red eyes, sensitivity to light, and twitchy eyes. Whether you’re playing on a TV, computer,


Is the New Japanese Gaming Chair Really Ergonomic?

There’s a new gaming chair on the market in Japan, claiming to be ergonomic and posture correcting. But is it true? Limited news released so far says the Buddy chair “helps you maintain good posture” and encourages gamers “to sit near the screen”. However, I have yet to read exactly


2 New Upgrades for Your Gaming Chair

As we mentioned last year, Linus Sebastian, the face of LinusTechTips on Youtube, recently reviewed our Office Master OM5 Gaming Chair. The OM5 is so advanced that it requires no levers, knobs or manual adjustments. Whatever your position, the chair automatically adjusts while providing continuous lumbar support, and keeping you


How Does Linus Sebastian Rate ErgoDirect’s Gaming Chair?

We’re not the only ones who like the  Office Master OM5 gaming chair. Earlier this month, Linus Sebastian reviewed the OM5 on his wildly popular YouTube channel LinusTechTips. He found out about the chair in February when PCGamer magazine recommended the OM5 as the best gaming chair.       What did


The Best Gaming Chair

2015 is bound to be a monumental year for video games. Not only are old classics like Mortal Kombat, Halo 5, NBA 2K15 and Grand Theft Auto being revamped but there are also many new video games coming out that bring us into new adventures and amazing worlds. The industry


How Ergonomics Helps Prevent Gamer’s Disease?

 It is estimated that around 164 million Americans play video games across the US. Some cognitive benefits are attributed to gaming like increasing focus and concentration and building a virtual community. However research suggests that gaming is one of the leading causes of sedentary illnesses, which we are calling Gamers Disease collectively. Here