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Humanscale 900 HD Keyboard_Tray_Dual__High_Clip Mouse Platform 400

How To Choose Workrite Keyboard Trays

We get these questions all the time! What all do I need to buy an adjustable keyboard tray? This is so confusing, where do I start? I want a keyboard tray, why do I need a keyboard arm? I have a cubicle with a corner, L-shaped worksurface. What options do


Our Holiday Sale

It’s that time of the year when sale, discounts and shopping is on everyone’s mind. We present our 2018 Holiday Sale. Please take advantage and ensure your comfort, productivity and health. Here are our offerings – OM5 Gaming Chair –  Named by PC Gamer as one of their best gaming

7 Ergonomic products for dentists (2)

7 Ergonomic Products For Dentists

Dental offices are highly specialized professional workspaces that demand unique equipment. The heart of this workspace is a dental operatory, a room where the dentist examines and treats patients. Here are certain typical features of dental operatories – 1) Limited space – In the limited space of an operatory, not only


8 Ways to Reduce Back Pain in the Office

In today’s busy workplace, most of us rarely take the time to think about our health unless it is impeding our daily life. Spending the time to research and make changes in your life today will payoff later on down the road. Your spine is one of the most important

how to adjust your office chair

How to Adjust Your Office Chair

How to Adjust Your Office Chair Welcome to the ErgoDirect Office Chair Adjustment guide. In this article, we will identify and describe what all of those levers and knobs are on your chair and explain how you should adjust each one to maximize the chair’s support. If you have just


The Sitting Myth

People spend more time sitting than anything else – even sleeping! For an activity that makes up a majority of our conscious lives, we tend not to think much about it. When looking at a new office chair, it’s hard to know exactly what to look for. There’s a wide


Ergonomic Laws in California

California businesses are required to meet the health and safety requirements of both OSHA, and the California Ergonomics Standard. Of the two, California law is much more strict, and potentially much more expensive. The Federal OSHA standard is vague, “An employer has an obligation under the General Duty Clause, Section


How Can You Keep Your Laptop Safe From Theft?

The convenience and portability of laptops make them ideal for employees on the go and public areas like libraries or check-in stations where a full desktop isn’t suitable. However, having laptops publicly accessible means a bigger emphasize on their safety and security. There’s a wide variety of ways to keep


The Importance of Workstation and Monitor Arm Minimum Weight Requirements

When purchasing a monitor arm, there’s a wide variety of components to think about: number of monitors, mounting options,  adjustments, budget, weight requirements, etc. Most of the time, maximum weight requirements have more influence over a purchasing decision because you want to ensure that your monitor will be supported. But