Up Your Game With Ergonomics

Up Your Game With Ergonomics

You’d never let your in-game character suffer unnecessarily. So why let your body? Whether you play an MMORPG or an FPS, up your game by taking care of yourself.

The statistics are staggering. With 155 million Americans regularly playing video games and 42% of them playing for at least three hours a week, sore wrists and arms are almost inevitable. Taking care of yourself while you play is essential in order to prevent those aches and pain from developing into musculoskeletal problems.Gamer_Screen

During a marathon gaming session, how long are you sitting down for? Human beings were not designed to be in one position for such long periods of time, so sitting for too long can cause a variety of health problems.

Switching positions helps blood circulate through the body. In turn, this lessens numbness in the fingers and limbs. We also encourage you to stretch your shoulders and neck often. Investing in a sit-stand desk gives you an easy way to change position from sitting to standing, allowing your blood circulation to help you play better; you’ll think faster and you won’t tire out as quickly as you stay energized moving around. Plus, you’ll be able to keep all of your monitors at perfect eye-level.


Save your wrists with an ergonomic mouse like the Ortho Mouse. Honored with the Excellence Award in Research & Development by Plano Editorial of Brazil, and nominated for the Ergo Cup Award by the Industrial Engineers Institute of the U.S., this mouse was developed specifically to prevent repetitive strain injuries, like those acquired by gamers.

The Ortho is designed to keep your fingers and wrist in the most neutral position to reduce stress on your joints. Play to your heart’s content without hurting yourself, or feeling a strain when you lift a not-so-familiar tool like a pencil.


Round off your gaming lounge with an ergonomic chair. Office Master’s gaming chair is designed to contour to the natural position of your body without needing adjustments. The chair is built to force you into a correct posture while also reducing fatigue, and lessening the strain on your back and spine. Your back will feel relaxed and your butt will thank you.

Just wait until you feel the difference after investing in ergonomic equipment. Your current aches and pains will start to diminish and you’ll realize how much longer and better you can play while maintaining your health.

Please contact us for more information or to get advice about how ergonomic gaming can work for you.

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