WorkRite Sierra HX Rectangular Electric Height Adjustable Table

Standard lead time for our laminated worksurfaces is 20 business days for quantities of 10 or less.

Product ID 16556


  • Electric height adjustable table: Has 3 memory pre-sets
  • 22"- 48": Table moves from 22" to 48" providing sit-stand capability
  • 225 lbs weight capacity: Can carry a weight load of up to 225 lbs
  • 1.6"/second speed: Adjustment works at the rate of 1.6" per second, moving its entire range in about 16 second
  • Hidden crossbar: Clears the knees comfortably, provides access under the worksurface


Sierra HX Electric Base Set - All Sierra HX Electric Base Sets include a Frame Set (legs, brackets, motor(s) and cables) as well as your choice of Foot and Switch. Workrite Sierra HX is the foundation for the most innovative adjustable height workcenter for today’s professional workplace. The Frame Sets feature high quality, European engineering and design and meet BIFMA G1-2013 height adjustability requirements. They can handle payloads of 225-300 pounds, and features hidden crossbar design that provides greater knee clearance for the user. Sierra HX Frame Sets are available in three finishes with the widest range of size configurations and feature options, making it the most versatile workcenter in the Workrite portfolio.

Lifetime Warranty - The Workrite Sierra series is our most durable, long-lasting product line that now carries a Lifetime Warranty. With exceptional versatility, range, load-capacity and new bluetooth switch options, Sierra HX offers something for everyone in the commercial office.


Dimensions of Workrite Sierra HX Electric Frame Set

Frame Set Features

  • Frame options: 2-leg and 3-leg frames

  • Compatible with 24" or 30" deep worksurfaces

  • Widths from 34" to 84" depending on shape

  • Finish options: silver, black, and white

  • Height range: 22.5" to 48.7" for full BIFMA G1-2013 compliance

  • Payload capacity: 225 pounds for 2-leg models. 300 pounds for 3-leg models

  • Travel speed: 1.6 inches per second

  • Max power draw: 120 V, 60 Hz, 4.25 A (2-leg) 3.3 A (3-leg)

  • Standby power: 0.1 W

  • MEMS Anti-Collision technology

  • 10′ power cord

  • Meets BIFMA X5.5 standards for performance and durability

  • Workrite Sierra HX Base Set has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD Certification

  • UL962 Certified when paired with Workrite worksurface

  • Sierra HX 2-Leg Frame Set Features - Widths range from 30" to 90" wide. Payload carry capacity: 225 lb (after top). Gross load capacity: 352 lb (not including top and safety factor).

  • Sierra HX 3-Leg Frame Set Features - Widths range from 42" to 90" wide. Payload carry capacity: 300 lb (after top). Gross load capacity: 528 lb (not including top and safety factor).

Workcenter Ordering Information

Determining the correct size and shape of your worksurface is extremely important. Combining a Workrite worksurface with any height adjustable base requires 1" of clearance at each side and in the back of the worksurface to avoid pinching or scraping. All Workrite worksurfaces are manufactured to the dimensions required to provide these clearances.

Worksurfaces are pre-drilled with mounting location for frame sets or bases.

Joining kits are provided with all two piece worksurfaces.

Standard lead time for our laminated worksurfaces is 20 business days for quantities of 10 or less. Lead times for larger product orders will be provided upon receipt of the order.

Important Notes:

  • Workcenters ship unassembled and require simple hand tools to install.

  • If using customer’s own worksurfaces, pre-drill pilot holes for all screws to ensure the most secure attachment.

  • If installing a keyboard arm or track, the electric motor control box may need to be repositioned from its pre-drilled location.

  • All workcenters have adjustable glides providing 0.5" of adjustment.

  • Mobile pedestals may limit lower height range.

Frequently Asked Questions

q How heavy are the shipping containers? I need this information to decide what level of delivery to get. If they can be handled by one person, I'd go for residential back of truck.

The shipping containers are over 100 lbs, the exact weight is determined by the specific size desktop and options selected. "Back of Truck" means the box is unloaded at the curb by the delivery driver. You would be responsible to move the box up your driveway or inside your residence.

q What keyboard tray would you recommend with this table?
Model SEHX3624, SEHX4224, SEHX4824, SEHX5424, SEHX6024, SEHX6624, SEHX7224, SEHX3630, SEHX4230, SEHX4830, SEHX5430, SEHX6030, SEHX6630, SEHX7230
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Desk Type Electric
Desktop Shape Rectangular Top
Height Range 22.5" - 48.7"
Travel Speed 1.6" per second
Lifting Capacity 225 lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Motor Manufactured in Denmark
Base Frame Set Price 722.40
Width Range 30" - 90"

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Far Exceeded Expectations

by Kristina, VILLA RICA, Georgia, Oct 11, 2022

Wow, this is a beautiful and functional desk. We chose the Phantom Charcoal laminate top and it is truly gorgeous. There were no issues putting the desk together and the simple standard switch works just fine for our needs. The table comes with a lifetime warranty and that's what really sold me. WorkRite is very confident in their product. Most companies offer a year or less. It's the motor in these types of desks that go out over time especially when the manufacturer uses inferior components. WorkRite uses nothing but the best and it shows. While the desk did cost more than those other subpar desks I'm positive that in the long run it will turn out to be the most cost effective. Not only did we purchase a great desk but ErgoDirect was an absolute pleasure to work with. Nazan was professional, knowledgeable, helpful and went out of her way to answer all of my questions and concerns. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from ErgoDirect again. The process was simple, everything was delivered timely and there were no parts missing. I'm just far beyond impressed with the entire transaction from the product and manufacturer to the sales team and the delivery. Thank you WorkRite and ErgoDirect!!!

Awesome Table

by Glenn D, Virginia, Feb 27, 2019

This Table took about 4 Weeks to arrive. I can say it was well worth the wait. I was setting at a fold up table everyday for years, working on my computer. I had no choice but to sit at the computer everyday, and was having back issues and was gaining weight. I had an opportunity to visit a customer who had one of these Tables. I worked on this table for about 3 days. Standing and Sitting.
After I returned home from my trip, I had to have one of these Tables. This Table Changed my Life. This is the Best Idea and Solution for my Situation. When I get tired of Standing, I just push the button to lower the Table to Sitting Position. Then when I get tired of Sitting, Push one of the 3 settings buttons and I'm Standing. This is the Best Table I've ever owned!! Thank you ERGODIRECT for this Outstanding Product. Thanks to the Engineering Department for this Table Design and the Capability of this Table.


Workrite warrants to the original purchaser that the products it manufactures are free from defects in design, material and workmanship. Subject to the limitations below, Workrite warrants each product in this catalog to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product in its original installation. With prompt written notice, Workrite will repair or replace, free of charge, any product, part or component which fails under normal use as a result of such defect.

  • Sierra HX Height Adjustable Workcenter components - Limited Lifetime
    Electric components, motors, frames, brackets and feet.

All of the following exceptions to the limited lifetime warranty apply:

  • Fundamentals Electric Height Adjustable Workcenter components - 10 years
    Electric components, motors, frames, brackets and feet

  • Essentia Height Adjustable Workcenter components - 5 years
    Electric components, motors, frames, brackets and feet

  • Laminated worksurfaces and modesty panels - 5 years

  • Sierra HXL Crank Height Adjustable Workcenter components - 5 years
    Including crank mechanisms

  • Cascade Height Adjustable Workcenter components - 5 years
    Including counter-balance mechanisms

  • Line of Sight electrical components and manual lifts - 5 years

  • Line of Sight frames and metal desk parts - 5 years

  • Monitor supports and mounts - 10 years

  • Solace Clamp-on sit-stand products - 5 years

  • Solace Desktop sit-stand products - 2 years

  • LED and florescent lighting fixtures - 5 years

  • Lighting transformers and fluorescent ballasts - 1 year

  • Tranquility Wool & PET Felt panels and mounts - 5 years

  • Tranquility Poly Panels - 2 years

  • Fabrics, modesty panels, custom products and special order items - 2 years

  • Mousing surfaces and Slide Guide - 1 year

Comparison Chart for Workrite Ergonomics Electric Desks

This item: Workrite Sierra HX - Rectangular Electric Height Adjustable Table
WorkRite Fundamentals EX Electric Rectangular 2 Leg Workcenter
Workrite Essentia Electric Rectangular 2 Leg Workcenter
ISE Ascent Electric Rectangular 2 Leg Height Adjustable Workcenter
Workrite Fundamentals LX Electric Rectangular 2 Leg Workcenter
Warranty Limited Lifetime 10 Years 5 Years 5 years 10 Years
Height Range 22.5" - 48.7" 22.5" - 48.7" 22.5" - 48.7" 24" - 49.5" 27.5" - 47"
Lifting Capacity 225 lbs 125 lbs 225 lbs 250 lbs 125 lbs
Travel Speed 1.6" per second 1.6" per second 1.6" per second 1.4" 1.6" per second
Motor Manufactured in Denmark Denmark Poland China Denmark
Base Frame Set Price 722.40 695.40 737.40 653.40 581.40
  Details Details Details Details