Sit-Stand (Standing) Desks

In June 2013, the American Medical association (AMA) adopted a policy that recognized the risks of prolonged sitting, especially at workplaces. Studies have shown that in today's workplaces, employees end up spending more than half of their work day sitting, leading to health issues like cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes. As a result the AMA has urged the employers to offer alternatives to employees in the form of Standing Desks or Sit-stand Workstations. A Center for Disease Control (CDC) study showed that products like height adjustable desks reduced sitting time by 66 minutes per day and these gains were negated within two weeks of removal of these products. 

Sit-Stand video

The World Health Organization has studied the health ramifications for those with jobs that require countless hours of sitting at a desk. Their studies revealed that heart disease, obesity, high-blood pressure, and diabetes, among other ailments, are more likely to be discovered in those with sedentary jobs. Many professionals are riveted to their work, trapped on their computers and at their workstations. Without noticing, one can sit for 10 to 12 hours at a desk, without movement, interruption, and no exercise. The body requires changes in motion and posture to sustain a healthy circulation of blood and oxygen. And while standing all day long can lead to another set of health issues, studies suggests that changing positions and postures throughout the work day can help prevent physical stresses from building in the back, neck, shoulders and legs.

Reports focused on the results of jobs that require hours of sitting versus those that have more physical demands revealed that, even with exercise, those who sit a majority of their life are more prone to ill-health, and are the ones to claim more sick days annually.

 Height adjustable desks enable the user to stand or sit whenever they feel like doing so. These ergonomic  tables also offer flexibility in configuring your home or office, which ensures a healthy working environment for the user. These desks place the monitor, the keyboard, and the desk within appropriate reach of the user ensuring a stress-free posture. The use of such desks also allows for workstations to be specially configured for certain projects, by being able to set them for standing postures or for unique configurations for special events.