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Hippus Handshoe Right Handed Wired Ergonomic Mouse

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  • Ergonomic, Wired Mouse for the right hand
  • Unique shape: Supports the hand completely and allows the forearm to relax
  • Hand rests on mouse: Design allows hand to rest on the mouse without brushing against the desk
  • Three sizes: Available in small, medium and large to accomodate all hand sizes 
  • Please see for a wireless version 
  • Please see if you are left handed
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Up to 175 mm (up to 6.9") Small Right Handed Wired HandshoeMouse


175 - 195 mm (6.9" - 7.7") Medium Handshoe Mouse Wired Right Handed Mouse


195 - 215 mm (7.7 - 8.5") Large Wired Right Handed Handshoe Mouse

HandShoeMouse S2WB-LC or M2WB-LC or L2WB-LC Right Handed Wired Ergonomic Mouse by Hippus


HandShoeMouse S2WB or M2WB or L2WB Right Handed Wired Ergonomic Mouse by Hippus





This is why the HandShoe Mouse is different:

    1.  Based on fundamental university research and confirmed by EMG measurements.


    2.  Your hand, thumb and fingers are supported in the best, relaxed position.


    3.  There is no friction between the skin of your hand and the desktop.




Ergonomic Mouse Research by Medical University:

Intensive working with a conventional computer mouse may result in complaints like tingling, pain and /or obstruction of the blood flow to and from your arms and hands. Another symptom is a restricted rotation of the head.

However excellent the functionality of the standard computer mouse - we all use it with great ease - most of the time it is too small for the hand while its shape forces your hand and fingers in an unnatural gripping position. It lacks comfort.

Therefore a group of mechanical engineers, working in close co-operation with the Medical Center of Erasmus University in the Netherlands, have re-designed the mouse, and invented the ergonomic mouse called the Handshoe Mouse.

To maximize the advantages of this mouse and experience maximum comfort, a correct fit is required. Therefore the hand has to be measured.

 Measurement of required HandShoe Mouse size

Measure on the inside of the stretched out hand. The distance from your wrist (the cross over between hand and arm) up to the tip of the ring finger. This length provides an indication of the required size.




Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

This innovative, patented, truly ergonomic computer mouse, has been field tested in large organizations for almost two years and has shown to reduce the complaints as well as the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Neck, Shoulder, Arms and Hands (NSAH) complaints.

Instead of over-using your hand and wrist, your arm will most of the time let the optical Handshoe Mouse float without any effort. The shape allows for the hand to continuously rest on the mouse body in a relaxed fashion, so there is no skin contact between your hand and the desk.
As a result there is no skin irritation as caused by excessive rubbing when moving a conventional mouse. Contrary to conventional computer mice you don't have to continuously lift (hover) the fingers, to prevent accidental switching.

The buttons of this ergonomic mouse are positioned in line with the fingers. Only minor pressure is required to click the buttons. The thumb rest of the HandShoe Mouse allows for a relaxed position and prevents excessive thumb action which can be harmful.

HandShoe = "Glove"

In Dutch the word HandShoe means "Glove".

The Handshoe Mouse "fits like a glove" or, like some people say "feels like a saddle for the hand". The HandShoe Mouse is available in three standard sizes (Small, Medium and Large) which are available in a wireless and a wired version. So there is a Handshoe Mouse for everyone!

The HandShoe Mouse is developed, based on proper university research and measurements and not on beliefs of individuals





HandShoe Mouse Specifications:

HandShoeMouse S2WB or M2WB or L2WB Right Handed Wired Ergonomic Mouse by Hippus



The user friendly HandShoe Mouse is an ergonomic mouse available in
3 standard sizes for the right hand: small, medium and large.
On special request left hand versions and extra small versions for the right and left hand can also be produced.

The HandShoe Mouse is plug and play, no special drivers for Mac or PC are needed. Controls consist of 2 buttons at an ergonomic position and a scroll wheel fitted with a switch mechanism.

The large size HandShoe Mouse has a third switch button.
This switch button is not programmable; it has the same function as the click function underneath the scroll wheel.



 New: BlueRay Track Version of the HandShoeMouse

From now on you can also order a BlueRay Track (BRT) version of the HandShoe Mouse which will work on almost every surface. The BRT version works with a higher resolution than the standard: 1000 dpi.


BlueRay Track version of the HandShoeMouse






USB 1.1 (compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0)
Separate USB connection on the HandShoeMouse
Battery wireless version is charged with USB cable


Two buttons at ergonomic position plus scroll wheel

Scroll Wheel:

Fitted with Switch

Control Mechanism:

standard: optical 800 dpi; BlueRay Track: 1000 dpi

Operating Systems:

Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7
Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X




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Model S2WB-LC or M2WB-LC or L2WB-LC
Manufacturer Hippus
Part Number S2WB-LC or M2WB-LC or L2WB-LC
Color Black with Blue Ray Track and Light Click
Size Small: up to 175 mm (up to 6.9"). Medium: 175 - 195 mm (6.9"- 7.7"). Small: 195 - 215 mm (7.7"- 8.5")
Mouse Type Horizontal
Wireless No
Trackball No

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Hippus Handshoe Right Handed Wired Ergonomic Mouse