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ErgoDirect is the leading online provider of innovative and high-quality ergonomic workplace and home office solutions such as sit-stand workstations, height adjustable desks, monitor arms, ergonomic keyboards, mice, footrests, and much more. With our exemplary customer service, you have access to our knowledgeable staff, who help you not only to choose the right ergonomic products for your work environment, but also guide you in customizing each product to fit your specific needs. 

Ergonomics is our mission. Here are some tips you should follow in everyday life for comfort, productivity and health -

  • Dual Mousing is better than Single Mousing
  • Ensure your feet are flat and secure on the floor while sitting in a chair
  • Keep your elbows near your sides, close to the body while typing
  • Keep your hips above your knees while sitting in a chair
  • Take time to stretch at least once every hour
  • Look 20 feet away from your computer every 20 minutes for 20 seconds to lessen eye strain