Home Office Design

By the time this article was written in mid-March of 2020, tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft had already asked their employees to work from home. According to US Census data, as of 2017, around 5.2% of the employed population worked from home. This number is bound to increase significantly in the light of the global pandemic unleashed by COVID-19. 

Schools across at least 30 states have closed, universities and colleges have switched to online classes and thousands of small and large corporations and sections of government have asked their employees to work remotely. 

We understand, support and endorse these widespread shutdowns and closures. However working full time from home is new to many and should be taken very seriously. Employers and employees need to be concerned about the home office work environment since working all day at a home office is much different than say working from a laptop on the sofa for an hour. There is a potential for employees getting injured when they work long hours in a home office that is not meant for prolonged use. For more information on this topic, see our latest blog post