Monitor Stands

Monitor stands, unlike monitor arms, do away with the need to attach the monitor to a surface like the desk or the wall. As a result, the stands provide mobility and portability to the monitors. They are designed to either be placed on the desk or the floor. Adjustable and tilting monitor stand allow the monitor to be positioned at a height that does not require the user to sit in an uncomfortable position and strain their neck. A monitor stand is a basic solution in building a more comfortable desk environment and has a limited flexibility in creating an ergonomic workstation.  For more articulation and flexibility for positioning of your monitor, please see monitor arms.

Whether you need a Monitor Stand for personal entertainment or for business use such as trade shows, event, retail environment, conference room, lobbies, convention centers, sport arena, airports, auditoriums, choosing the right floor stand, desk stand, table stand, or a pedestal stand can be confusing.   We have the following tips to ease this confusion, and if you have any questions, our product specialists and customer service are always available. 

Beyond the Price - Things to consider in selecting the right Monitor Stand

  1. Size, make and model of your monitor
  2. Weight of the monitor
  3. Hole pattern - VESA compliant in the back of your monitor
  4. Adjustability: tilt: back and forth, pan from left to right, rotation to portrait or landscape, height adjustment up and down
  5. Durability - structure of the monitor stand - how it's built and the material used in making of the stand
  6. Cable Management to provide a clean cluster free look
  7. Security - theft resistant
  8. Aesthetic finishing appeal - scratch resistance
  9. Support of reputable manufacturers

Deliver your message to the audience with a powerful presentation

A Monitor Stand can be used for many purposes. Visual presentation increases the effectiveness of your presentation. Mere words have little or even no impact on listeners.  Effective use of the Monitor Stand in a presentation delivers your message in a powerful way. In educational institutes, instructors and teachers can make their lessons interesting and speed up understanding. A Monitor stand can make recreational activities such as watching an HD movie or playing a video game an ultimate viewing experience.