Kensington - Smart Made Simple

This is the idea that drives everything we design.  It is the idea that makes Kensington products different.  It means smart features that are easy to use.  It means stylish designs that travel well and reduce clutter at home.  It means engaging with and listening to our customers to create unique products that enhance the way we work and play today.

Kensington is the worldwide leader in laptop security, offering the world's most secure locking solution for laptops, and the worldwide leader in portable laptop power.  A full line of mobile computing solutions: award-wining mice, keyboards and docking stations, stylish laptop cases and a complete line of accessories.  Kensington delivers technology accessories that make the digital experience more productive and enjoyable in the office, at home, or on the go.

Mice and Keyboard by Kensington

Inspired performers - the devices we use to control our laptops and PCs become extensions of ourselves.  They impact our output and satisfaction.  Be inspired by our lifestyle and performance ranges of mice, keyboards, presenters, trackballs, and keypads.

Get a Lock on Computer Security with Kensington

Keep your computer equipment at home, in your dorm, or on the go, secure (and your data safe) with a Kensington computer lock.  The most trusted name in computer locks, Kensington offers a full range of products, for every situation.