About Us


ErgoDirect is the leading online provider of innovative and high-quality ergonomic workplace and home office solutions. ErgoDirect leads the industry as the go-to supplier of ergonomic products for companies like Google, Apple, Broadcom, Lockheed Martin and more, also for the U.S. Government, Healthcare and Education markets.

ErgoDirect uses the industry’s most advanced technological tools to help our corporate and home office users create productive and safe working environments. Via our website, you can use any of our free online tools to enhance your productivity and safety: 

  • Workspace Planner - Input your height and you will see ergonomic positions of your keyboard and seat height for optimum comfort while sitting or standing
  • Ergonomic Assessment – Get your workstation assessed by ergonomic experts and receive suggestions for improvements and changes
  • Chair Finder - Get customized chair recommendations based on your workstation setup and physical measurements
  • Monitor Arm Finder - Get customized monitor arm recommendations based on your monitor's make and model and desk height
  • Desk Finder - Get customized desk recommendations based on your height and nature of work

 ErgoDirect’s superior customer service means that you have access to our knowledgeable customer service staff, who can help you not only to choose the right ergonomic products for your work environment, but also guide you in customizing each product to fit your specific needs. And if you cannot find the ergonomic product or solution you need, we will help. 

Our showroom is located in Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, where customers can sample and test the latest and the best ergonomic chairs, desk converters, monitor arms and electric desks. We follow all the necessary COVID-19 safety precautions. 

The ErgoDirect Story

ErgoDirect was conceived in 2002 by Nick Moshiri while working in IT. During this time, Nick discovered that computer users were encountering a variety of health problems due to workspace misconfigurations. Nick was unable to find a company focused on ergonomic solutions and without a map to guide him, Nick began to research ergonomics and discovered an industry which was still in its infancy. He started with simple solutions like placing a few books underneath a monitor to raise it up, or by adding a box as a makeshift footrest to elevate the user’s feet if they were using a chair which was too tall for them. To Nick, it was apparent that the industry needed a company which could provide ergonomic solutions, knowledge and products, so he left IT to launch ErgoDirect.  

Over the next few years, Nick came to understand the science behind ergonomics.  He discovered factors that affect ergonomics like the average height of computer users versus the average height of desks, how to set up a neutral typing zone, and why a keyboard tray’s negative tilt is better for you than a positive tilt

Teaming up with several ergonomic consultants and manufacturers, Nick helped customers find cost-effective solutions for problems like backaches, sore wrists, shoulder pain and tingling fingers, caused by repetitive motion, misaligned computer workplace setups, and extensive use of poorly designed computer accessories.

Today, ErgoDirect has grown into a worldwide leader in ergonomic workplace solutions that minimize injury, promote productivity, and improve overall well-being. ErgoDirect offers a wide range of ergonomic products such as sit-stand workstations, height adjustable desks, monitor arms, ergonomic keyboards, mice, footrests, and much more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the global workforce found themselves being forced to work outside of the corporate environment and it was critical that employees find the right home office solutions. To help their customers, ErgoDirect doubled down during the pandemic by developing the industry’s most advanced tools to help customers make optimal ergonomic decisions. 

Our Mission

At ErgoDirect, we strive to provide computer users with the tools necessary to relieve pain associated with poorly designed workplaces.  We provide free ergonomic consultations and compatibility checks to ensure we recommend the best solution for a user’s needs.

Since day one, we have provided unparalleled customer service. We have a team of ergonomic specialists who know our products and their ergonomic value and offer detailed information about ergonomic products in the form of descriptions, images, videos, and manuals via phone, email and chat

We analyze human interactions within the work environment, identify existing and potential problems, and then design an optimal workspace for the end user. Our order desk is highly specialized in procurement, freight and deliveries and we help arrange installations if necessary.  We remain on standby for the customer before, during and after your order arrives.

Over the years, we have built trust and credibility with our individual customers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 clients in industries such as healthcare, education, hi-tech, and government. 

Our Team

We practice what we preach. With a fully functioning sit-stand office, we encourage each other to develop good working habits: reminders to stand up, frequent assessments of our working posture, and lots of brief standing meetings. We keep productivity high by keeping our own health and comfort in mind! Now, let us help you!