Monitor Arms

The positioning of your monitors is an absolutely critical component in creating a healthy, sustainable and ergonomic workspace. Too often we place our screens too near, too far, or too low, with the screen not facing us directly. The result is headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain. A monitor that is too low will cause us to bend our necks, and the one placed too far away makes us lean in, causing to hunch our shoulders. A monitor arm will solve these problems. Attaching your LCD to an articulating arm allows you to adjust the height, tilt, pivot and rotation of the monitor arm to reach a comfortable ergonomic position . This will in turn increase your efficiency and productivity at the workplace. It will also keep your desk organized. You have the option of mounting your monitor arm on a desk, wall, pole, or ceiling for optimal viewing angle. Visit our blog to learn how to choose the right monitor arm.

By using a monitor arm you are able to elevate the level of the monitor to the eye level of the user, reducing neck and shoulder pain and stress. A significant part of the healthy ergonomic workspace, the monitor arm is crucial in creating a comfortable space to work, and it frees up valuable desk space for non-computer related work.

We offer products from the leading ergonomic manufacturers, like: Chief, Peerless, Ergotron, Innovative, Workrite, Humanscale, ISE, and many more. No matter what you facility specifications are, we feature wall mount, desk mount, pole mount, desk clamp, and desk-mount sit-to-stand monitor arms.

Monitor arms vary considerably in the amount of height and depth adjustment range offered. Adjustable monitor arms for LCD monitors, can rotate up to 180 degrees up and down. They also tilt the monitor up or down for better viewing angles. Whether you need to mount a single LCD flatscreen monitor, or you need to mount up to six (6) screens at once, we have the product that will fit your needs. No matter if you are equipping an office, a classroom, or a retail space, our inventory includes the perfect product for your facility and user needs. From easy to install desk mount arms for LCD screens, to secure wall mount, you can select from Humanscale, Ergotron, Chief, and Peerless monitor arms that are sleek in design, stable in construction, and secure in displaying your valuable monitors.

We also offer the flexible Ergotron LX series monitor and laptop arms, with platforms large enough to host a laptop up to 19” wide. If you are still using CRT and TV monitors, we have the Ergotron LX HD series wall mount that can support TV monitors up to 50 lbs.

You can fit just about any monitor to any of our systems, using a VESA compliant mounting plates and adapters. If you are searching for a simple desk mount, single monitor system, like the Chief KCD 110, or need a more sophisticated display for multiple monitors or digital signage, like the Innovative LCD monitor beam, 9169 D-3, we have all the options to fit your needs.

Monitor Placement Notes

Adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. Your eyes should look slightly downward when viewing the middle of the screen.

Position the monitor no closer than 20 inches (508 mm) from your eyes. A good rule of thumb is an arm’s length distance. The larger your screen, the more distance you will want.

Adjust the screen position to eliminate glare from windows and ceiling lights.

If lighting conditions permit, tilt the monitor back 10° to 20°: this maintains the same distance between your eyes and the screen as you scan it from top to bottom.