Contour Design CMO5, PMO5 Ergonomic Mouse Perfit Optical Without Scroll Wheel

Contour Design CMO5, PMO5  Ergonomic Mouse Perfit Optical Without Scroll Wheel click image to enlarge
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Only Contour CMO5-XL-R, CMO5-S-R, CMO5-L-L, CMO5-M-L, CMO5-S-L, PMO5-XL-R, PMO5-S-R, PMO5-M-L, PMO5-S-L are available.

Contour CMO5-M-R (black), PMO5-L-R, PMO5-M-R, PMO5-L-L, CMO5-L-R and CMO5-M-L are phased out or discontinued. Contour PMO5-L-R and PMO5-M-R will be back ordered up to END of September 2011 to October 2011.

CMO5-M-R in white is a special order item and will be back ordered until December 2011.



Contour Design CMO5 , PMO5 Ergonomic Mouse Perfit Optical Without Scroll Wheel Black


Note: Extra Large comes in (right-hand only)


800dpi Precision Optical Tracking
Twice the tracking precision of many other optical mice. No performance degregation due to dirt buildup like "ball" style mechanisms.

Multiple Sizes for both left and right hands
The Perfit Optical Ergonomic Mouse is available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large for the right hand and Small, Medium and Large for the left hand.

Sculpted Elevated Buttons
This enables the hand to remain open with the fingers extended in a ready position for quick button activation. Buttons are elevated and shaped to reduce excessive load on the fingertips.

Elevated Wrist Support
Reduces pressure on the wrist by keeping it off the desk top. Maintains a straighter wrist alignment and minimizes Lateral Deviation. Balances the hand in a neutral, tilted posture. Prevents static grip by allowing the hand to rock freely.

Multiple Platforms
The Perfit Optical Ergonomic Mouse support both PS2 and USB connections, providing support for the majority of todays and older computer systems.

Programmable Software
Using our software enables you to customize the Perfit Ergonomic Mouse Optical and accomplish tasks faster and easier. Set the buttons individually.


Contour Design PMO5 Ergonomic Mouse Perfit Optical Without Scroll Wheel 


Measure from the crease at the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger.

  • Small for hands les than 6 3/4"

  • Medium for hands 6 3/4" to 7 1/2"

  • Large for hands 7 1/2" to 8 1/4"

  • Extra Large (right-hand only) for hands larger than 8 1/4"



Model CMO5, PMO5
Manufacturer Contour Design
Part Number CMO5, PMO5