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Archelon A12SW2 - 1.2 SWIPE Table Top Mount with MagTek iDynamo Adapter

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Using your iPad as a Point-of-Sale solution? Accept credit cards with your iPad. Archelon A12SW2 features a sleek look and based on our customers great feedback, we've developed enhancements to customize your Archelon and make the most of your iPad's while enjoying the same rock-solid protection.

Enhancements Include:

  • Easy-to-use attachments (port plugs) that allow the option to cover the power button, home button, volume control and audio jack ports
  • Carefree Cord Management with adapters that lock the charging cable securely in place
  • A wider cord canal for thicker USB cords

The strong, but open framework of the Archelon 1.2 allows for secure protection without detracting from the iPad's modern and sleek design.

Protect your investment with a functional and secure iPad enclosure, knowing that your iPad will stay exactly where you intended. The Archelon 1.2's patented tri-axial swivel joint allows movement in three planes. Users can turn the iPad to have a landscape or portrait display, move from side-to-side, and tilt up or down; creating a variety of easy to use angles for the iPad. Tamper-proof security fasteners prevent removal with ordinary screwdrivers.


Product Information

Package Includes

  • Archelon 1.2 Enclosure and Stand 30-Pin MagTek iDynamo Adapter Kit
  • Standard Install Kit
  • Plugs for all open ports
  • Plug to secure charging cord
  • Cap to cover home button

Supported Accessories

  • Archelon 1.2 SWIPE POS 30-Pin Kit for MagTek iDynamo
  • Archelon 1.0 & 1.2 Mounting Base
  • 72" Extended Charging Cord
  • Viziflex Seels Antibacterial Seel

Not Included

Card Reader

Designed and Manufactured

In the USA


With iPad 2 and iPad 3


Model A12SW2
Manufacturer Archelon
Part Number A12SW2
Color Black
Compatible With iPad 2 and iPad 3

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Archelon A12SW2 - 1.2 SWIPE Table Top Mount with MagTek iDynamo Adapter