Humanscale MF8 M/Flex Monitor Arm for M8 Arms

You need to select a High Post (24", 30" or 36") if you want to add 2nd row of arms. See Option 7 "Post Height."

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M/Flex, Humanscale's multi-monitor arm system, can go from one to six monitors in minutes, without the need for tools. M/Flex can integrate with any standard work surface through a wide number of attachments on a single post - seamlessly transforming a traditional workspace into a dynamic, ergonomic workstation.

Unlike conventional monitor arm systems, M/Flex has a small footprint and its aesthetic won’t overpower the existing workspace. Its modular design and strength ensure exceptional performance. As monitors continue to evolve, M/Flex’s versatility makes it the perfect multi-monitor solution for a changing technology landscape.

Humanscale M/Flex allows the user to work in a healthy posture by setting the monitor at an optimal distance and height. Collaboration is made easier through effortless screen sharing and increased desk space. The most scalable system on the market, M/Flex can be easily reconfigured as needed by adding or removing monitors.

Design Story - M/Flex was designed by the Humanscale Design Studio to be the world’s most flexible and scalable multi-monitor arm system. The team wanted to make a system that was simple to alter, easy to install and expand and that meets the changing technological demands of workspaces.


Technical Drawing

Fixed Angled Link/Dynamic Link


Fixed Angled Link/ 8” Straight Link


Single Fixed Angled Link Only


Fixed Angled Link / 12” Straight Link


Fixed Angled Link/ Dynamic Link light



  • Innovative Design - The M/Flex multi-monitor arm system allows the user to simply swap attachments to suit their changing technology needs while retaining a sleek, minimal aesthetic. Manufactured primarily from recycled aluminum, M/Flex is as recyclable as it is beautiful.

  • Greater Versatility - M/Flex offers the most versatile, modular multi-monitor system available. By lifting up to six monitors up to 20 lbs. each off the work surface, M/Flex frees up valuable desk space, helping to preserve the existing office aesthetics. M/Flex’s removable 180-degree stop also protects walls and panels

  • Unparalleled Customization - M/Flex offers effortless adjustment and enables easy, spontaneous configurations. With its plug-and-play customization, M/Flex allows users to add monitor arms, attachments and accessories as needed. M/Flex is the perfect addition to the modern and constantly evolving workspace and, when paired with the M/Connect monitor arm base, users can completely eliminate cable clutter and gain easy access to USB ports and high-speed charging.

  • A New, Simpler Way - The incredibly versatile M/Flex is one of the most scalable monitor arm systems on the market. With the unique ability to support up to six monitors weighing up to 9 kilograms (20 pounds) each from a single pole, M/Flex accommodates today’s and tomorrow’s technology with ease.

  • Farewell to Outdated Approaches - M/Flex dares to challenge all ways old, cumbersome and difficult, instead providing a simple and easy approach. And, unlike many monitor arm systems, M/Flex enables users to purchase one system to accommodate their needs, as opposed to buying multiple arm systems.

  • The M/Flex Solution - Installation takes time and money. Featuring nesting integrated brackets, M/Flex allows monitors to be added without disturbing the existing configuration, completely streamlining the entire installation process and thereby reducing the effort and costs involved.

  • Everyday Applications - Thanks to its versatile monitor support and clean design, M/Flex operates brilliantly and complements any contemporary work environment. Whether used for a security office, a commercial space or a healthcare environment, M/Flex meets and exceeds the needs of these settings.

  • Award-Winning Monitor Arms - M/Flex’s strong and supportive structure starts with two award-winning, sustainable monitor arms, the M2 and M8, which both feature industry-leading cable management to hide unsightly wires.

  • M/Flex and the Environment - The Humanscale Design Studio developed M/Flex with sustainability in mind, using fewer and lighter parts for less overall environmental impact and less money and energy wasted in the shipping and manufacturing of the product. Importantly, M/Flex prevents the waste of technology components by allowing users to add parts over time, making it among the most sustainable monitor arms on the market.



  • Mounting options can be Surface, Vertical and Custom solutions

  • Additions can be made to the post (s) without disturbing the original configuration

  • Five total post heights

  • Can accommodate one or two rows

  • Users can choose to have up to three monitors per row

  • Nesting, integrated brack design allows for easy add-ons

  • Single bracket easily converts to double bracket

  • Double bracket can also convert to triple bracket

  • Additions can be made without removing existing brackets or installations



We work hard to ensure that our environmental philosophy is reflected in each product we create. With our Design for Environment protocol, our designers and engineers examine the environmental impact of every choice made throughout the design process - from initial concept through final production.

A selection of sustainability highlights for the M/Flex:

  • Recycled content: 12% post-consumer, 5% pre-consumer

  • Made predominantly of steel and aluminum, which are highly recyclable

  • Shipped in packaging that contains recycled content

  • Learn more about how we work to extend the life of our products through both design and engineering so they won’t need to be replaced often

  • Designed for easy disassembly with clear recycling instructions

  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified

  • ANSI/BIFMA level 1 certified

  • Close the Loop program ensures that every product ends its useful life with a minimal environmental impact



Option 1 - Color

Humanscale MF2 M/Flex Monitor Arm Silver


Silver with Gray Trim

Humanscale MF2 M/Flex Monitor Arm Black


Black with Black Trim

Humanscale MF2 M/Flex Monitor Arm White


Polished Aluminum with White Trim


Model MF8
Manufacturer Humanscale
Part Number MF8
Mounting Options Desk
Warranty 15-year warranty
Monitor Arm Types 1 Monitor
Monitor Arm Types 2 Monitors
Monitor Arm Types 3 Monitors
Monitor Arm Types 4 Monitors
Monitor Arm Types 5 Monitors
Monitor Arm Types 6+ Monitors
Number of Monitors 1 Monitor
Number of Monitors 2 Monitors
Number of Monitors 3 Monitors
Number of Monitors 4 Monitors
Number of Monitors 5 Monitors
Number of Monitors 6+ Monitors

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Humanscale MF8 M/Flex Monitor Arm for M8 Arms

Could be better, Mar 17, 2015
by Ben E, Florida
One side is lower than the other due to some "play" in the links. I have tried all possible but the only way to correct it, is to order dynamic links to allow adjustment of the monitor for height.
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