Cotytech DM-DCA20 Dual Apple Monitor Desk Mount Quick Release

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  • Desk-Mountable
  • Hardware included for removal of stand from iMac monitors and adding the adapter for installation
  • Compatible with the following Apple monitors:

   24" iMac (aluminum and glass)

   27" iMac

-    24" LED Cinema Display

-    27" LED Cinema Display and Thunderbolt Display

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Cotytech DM-DCA20 Dual Apple Monitor Desk Mount Quick Release is a stylish desk mount that is perfect for your Apple LCD monitor. With a 360° swivel function and a weight capacity of 44lbs (20kg), this desk mount is ideal for offices, classrooms, private homes and public areas. It’s the perfect accessory for the busy individual; and can fit neatly into any home office space. This desk mount has a 105° tilt action to ensure perfect viewing at any angle. The convenient desk arm features robust cable management; ensuring a neat and tidy desk space with no visible cables.

This convenient and stylish LCD desktop mount offers perfect flexibility and is maneuverable to suit any viewing angle. It has a modern look; which fit in perfectly with Apple’s stylish looks. The monitor mount has been designed with the latest engineering technologies in mind; to ensure durability and strength. These quality mounts are manufactured in our offshore manufacturing plant; adhering to strict quality guidelines that enable us to deliver value to our customers. This handy Cotytech monitor mount has been manufactured with the end-user in mind; and ensures easy installation features while simultaneously offering intuitive, practical and functional designs. All our monitors come with a five year warranty.



Weight Capacity

Supports up to 44lbs (20kgs) for each monitor






Max 360°

Mounting Pattern

VESA compliant: 75x75 and 100x100

Maximum Extension

18" (457mm)



  • Designed for the following Apple Monitors:
    24-inch iMac (aluminum and glass)
    27-inch iMac
    24-inch LED Cinema Display
    27-inch LED Cinema Display
    27-inch Thunderbolt Display
    If your Apple monitor is not listed above, please contact us for solutions.
  • Desk-mountable, available in clamp base and grommet base.
  • Clamp table thickness: 0.79"-5" (20-127mm); Grommet table thickness: 0.79"-5" (20-127mm), Hole Diameter: 0.39"-1.97" (10-50mm)
  • Pole length: 11.8" (300mm)
  • Quick mount & quick release designs at 3 connecting points: stand, swing arms and monitor end.
  • Maximum adjustment rendered by tilting, swiveling and pivoting.
  • Swift and easy movements and adjustments.
  • Solid Aluminum die-cast construction
  • Space saving with its compact design
  • Smooth extension (18") to achieve ideal viewing angles
  • Clean look with minimal hardware visible from underside of work surface
  • Rotation 360° and side-to-side pivot
  • Neat and efficient cable management
  • Maximum productivity and supreme ergonomic comfort
  • Easy installation and dis-installation.


Model DM-DCA20-C, DM-DCA20-G
Manufacturer Cotytech
Part Number DM-DCA20-C, DM-DCA20-G
Weight Capacity Up to 44lbs (20kgs) for each monitor
Tilt 105 degree
Rotation 360 degree
Swivel Max 360 degree
Mounting Pattern VESA 75x75 and 100x100
Maximum Extension 18" (457mm)
Pole Length 11.8" (300mm)
Clamp Thickness 0.79"-5" (20-127mm)
Grommet Thickness 0.79"-5" (20-127mm)
Hole Diameter 0.39"-1.97" (10-50mm)
Monitor Size 24" iMac (aluminum and glass). 27" iMac. 24" LED Cinema Display. 27" LED Cinema Display. 27" Thunderbolt Display

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Cotytech DM-DCA20 Dual Apple Monitor Desk Mount Quick Release

Changed My Life : ), Nov 2, 2015
by David F, California
Great Product. Mounts easily. One thing I've noticed is this. I'm clamping onto my desk, which is an IKEA oval desk. When I'm typing the "suspension" of the arms tend to move in response, which creates this slight wobble in my monitors. A small thing, but I realized I was getting headaches from the new stands and could not figure it out. Because we stare at monitors all day, if there are these slight wobbles in our screen every time you move your mouse or bang on your keyboard, your eyes are having to rapidly focus and refocus - so make sure your main vertical stand is VERY stable or independent of your desk platform. Great folks to work with.
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