3M AKT150LE Lever Free Adjustable Sliding Keyboard Platform

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Professional Series:

3M™ Adjustable Keyboard Trays incorporate thoughtful ergonomic design and comfort you’ll appreciate. Sturdy, dependable and easy to adjust, these trays offer left/right mousing platforms and height and tilt adjustability. Each adjustable keyboard tray features a 3M™ Gel Wrist Rest and 3M™ Precise™ Optical Mousing Surface. Designed for flexibility and comfort. Easily adjust your keyboard and mouse to your correct ergonomic position and work in comfort with the help of a 3M™ keyboard tray.

Product Description:

The AKT150LE is the ultimate solution for adjustability with lever-free height adjustment, separate knob adjustment for tilt, super adjustable mouse platform and unique left/right sliding feature that lets you fine tune the keyboard’s position. Enjoy the freedom of lever-free height adjustment and unique lateral adjustment, so you can fine tune the keyboard's position even in less than ideal workspace situations. Compatible with ergonomic keyboards. For corner or straight-on workstations that can accept a 21" track. Lifetime warranty.

AKT150LE Product Specifications:

Platform type

Separately adjustable platforms for keyboard and mouse

Arm type

Lever-free lift & lock arm

Track length

Long (21")

Unique features

Keyboard platform adjusts left & right for fine tuning location

Accepts 2nd mouse platform (sold separately)


Maximum height above mounting surface


Maximum depth below mounting surface


Platform tilt range




Under-desk width needed


Under-desk depth needed


Fits corner workstations





Installation Guidelines for 3M Adjustable Sliding Lever Free Single-Arm All-in One Keyboard Platform Tray  AKT150LE





  • Lever-free lift and lock adjustment for height. Just tilt the platform to release, then un-tilt to lock in place. Tilt adjusts with knob.


  • Keyboard platform can adjust left and right to fine tune the exact position of the keyboard. Great for situations where there is an obstruction beneath the work surface forcing the track to be mounted off-center from its ideal location. Simply loosen red knob and adjust.


  • Gel wrist rests for keyboard and mouse platforms add comfort by minimizing pressure points. Leatherette cover lasts longer than fabric-covered wrist rests and is easier to clean.


  • Super adjustable separate mousing platform mounts left or right and needs no tools to adjust. Platform slides left and right over the keyboard,   tilts forward and backward and adjusts up and down to the same level as the keyboard platform. Features 3M™ Precise™ Optical MousingSurface.

  • For corner workstations or straight-on workstations that can accept a 21" track. Lifetime warranty.


3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray Feature Comparison


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Lever-free Lift and Lock Arm

Unique Lateral Adjustable




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Model AKT150LE
Manufacturer 3M
Part Number AKT150LE

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