Chief KTA325 Widescreen Triple Monitor Pole Clamp (3x25")

Maximum width and screen size of each monitor cannot exceed 25". KTA325 comes with one KRA1003 pole clamp. So, if you buy KTA1002 free stand base (base style), then you need 2 x KTA1002, 2 x Poles and additional KTA1003 for extra support. But for KTA1004 and KTA1000, you need 1 x Pole only
Product ID 15941


  • 54" Triple widescreen monitor array pole clamp
  • Maximum weight per monitor on array: 30 lbs
  • Monitor width range: 10 - 25"
  • Weight capacity for Grommet Mount: 120 lbs
  • Weight capacity for Free Standing Base: 80 lbs
  • Weight capacity for Clamp Mount: 40 lbs

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KTA325B Black 54" (137.2 cm) Triple Horizontal Array Pole Clamp for Widescreen Monitors
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Chief KTA325 Triple Horizontal 54" Array Pole Clamp for Widescreen Monitors


With Chief KTA325, you can view three widescreen monitors side-by-side on a pole or other KTA product.

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Chief KTA325 Triple Horizontal 54 inch Array Pole Clamp for Widescreen Monitors


Color Black and Silver
Mounting Pattern Compatibility (Universal Versions) 75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm
Notes Weight capacity is per monitor
Overall Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.5" x 53.2" x 12.5" (115 x 1351 x 318mm)
Shipping Weight 14.80 lbs
Solution Type Universal
TV Width Range 10 - 25" (254 - 635mm)
Maximum Screen Width 25" (635 mm). When using different screen sizes, total width of center screen and one side screen cannot exceed 50"
Weight Capacity 30 lbs (13.6kg) per monitor


  • Easy pole mounting
  • Specify black or silver when ordering

Display Adjustment

Display Horizontal Position Adjustment

These pivot arrays allow horizontal, pitch, roll and yaw adjustment of each display with a maximum pitch range of 15 degree up and 15 degree down. These pivot arrays also allow a full 360 degree of display roll.

Display Horizontal Position Adjustment:

To adjust display horizontal position:

  • Loosen Centris bracket rear adjustment knob. (See Figure below)
  • Slide Centris bracket with display left or right until properly positioned on array rail
  • Tighten Centris bracket rear adjustment knob
Model KTA325B or KTA325S
Manufacturer Chief Mounts
Part Number KTA325B or KTA325S
UPC 841872117492
Monitor Arm Types 3 Monitors
Color Black and Silver
Mounting Pattern 75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm
Overall Dimensions 4.5" x 53.2" x 12.5" (115 x 1351 x 318mm)
Shipping Weight 14.80 lbs
TV Width Range 10 - 25" (254 - 635mm)
Weight Capacity 30 lbs (13.6kg) per monitor

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