Innovative 8111 Flexmount Mount for 7000 Series

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Innovative 8111 Flexmount Mount for 7000 Series
Animation of Flexmount
Innovative FLEXmount
104 - Vista Black
232- Linen White
Parts of 8111
Innovative 8111 Flexmount Mount for 7000 Series
Animation of Flexmount
Innovative FLEXmount
104 - Vista Black
232- Linen White
Parts of 8111


Innovative 8111 FLEXmount is an Innovative mount that offers six different configurations - all in one kit.

  • Desk Edge Clamp Mount

  • Panel System Rear Edge

  • Grommet Hole Clamp Mount

  • Thru-Desk Mount

  • Wall Mount

  • Reverse Wall Mount

This single mount will handle most mounting scenarios. Best of all if you decide to change the way the arm is mounted several months after purchase, there is nothing more to buy - simply reconfigure your FLEXmount. The FLEXmount will even handle mounting scenarios such as thick desk edges, desk edges with longer trim and surfaces with a small lip.

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing for Innovative 8111 Flexmount Mount


  • FLEXmount with six mounting options, including: desk clamp, thru-desk, grommet, wall, reverse wall and side bolt

  • Compatibility: 7000 Series Articulating Mounts and Single Tier Pole Mounts

  • For 7500 Series Articulating Mounts and Dual Tier Pole Mounts use the 8318 FLEXmount

FlexMount Comparison Chart

FlexMount Height Width Depth Weight
8111 8" 6" 6" 4 lbs
8318 9" 7" 7" 4 lbs
8374 8" 6" 6" 3 lbs

Difference between 8325 Wall Mount and 8111 Flexmount

The 8325 Heady Duty Wall Mount is robust and sturdy mount specially created for our longer arms such as the 7601-14 long reach arm. While the 8111 Flexmount will also enable such arms to be wall-mounted, the 8325 will reduce vibrations and provide an overall more secure mounting base. The 8111 Flexmount is unique in that it provides flexibility. You can reconfigure the mount components for bolting or clamping to a desk or attaching to the wall.

Product Options/Accessories

Model 8111
Manufacturer Innovative LCD Arms
Part Number 8111
Weight lb(s)
Color 104 - Vista Black, 124 - Silver, 248 - Flat White
Mounting Options Desk Edge, Thru-Desk, Grommet, Wall, Reverse Wall, Side Bolt
Warranty 10 Years

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