Workrite 920 Protected CPU Holder Fixed Wall/Under Desk/Track Mount

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  • Stylish, modular design accommodates modern CPU sizes from 9.75" to 18.5"H, 1.25" to 8.75"W, 8" to 19.25"D

  • Height range adjusts in .75" increments

  • Non-Locking versions have no depth limitations and do not have bottom brackets

  • Locking version includes adjustable bottom bracket, two keyed locks and tamper resistant screws for track mount

  • 16" track allows 10" travel & 360° swivel for easy access to rear of CPU and under-desk storage

  • Security lock kit retrofit option available

  • Supports CPUs up to 75 lbs

  • Sturdy steel construction

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As CPU’s get smaller, their safekeeping becomes more critical. Protect your computing investment with the 920 CPU Holder. Its exclusive 3 point security protection system will keep your processor safe for years. With two keyed locks and tamper resistant screws on the track you have the ultimate in protection.
No matter how current your computer may be, workrite 920 CPU Holder is there to support you. Its super slender 1¼" width takes care of today’s slim form factor units and can expand to accommodate mini towers. For added flexibility, select from four versions and three mounting options. The track mounted version provides full 360° swivel for easy access to cables and cords. And if your needs change, an upgrade lock kit is at the ready.
Our focus on the future extends to environmental considerations. The responsible design uses 30% less materials, reducing pressure on natural resources for manufacturing, shipping and disposal. The materials used are chosen both for their recycled content and easy recycle ability.


Workrite 920 Protected, Adaptable and Flexible CPU Holder


3 reasons why the 920 CPU Holder is the best on the market:

  • Super Slender - Width as narrow as 1¼" for today's small form factor units

  • Best Security Feature - Unique 3 point locking system

  • Most Flexibility - From fixed mount for budget conscious buyers to track mount with lock for security sensitive installations


Workrite's 920 CPU Holder is the most flexible solution on the market:

  • 4 versions and upgrade locking kit for post-installation enhancements

  • 3 mounting methods: Track under desk, Fixed mount under desk, Fixed mount to wall

  • Accommodates greatest range of CPUs - especially designed for slim form factor cases and select mini tower units


Workrite's 920 CPU Holder is loaded with unique and thoughtful features:

  • Unique 3 point locking security feature includes 2 keyed locks and tamper proof screws at track mounting

  • Accommodates slim form factor units

  • Maximum installed height of track mounted unit is 20¾" to accommodate Sierra Electric

  • Uses 30% less material by weight - reduces carbon footprint of shipping and lower material

  • Eligible for multiple LEED credits

  • Minimum 96% recyclable at end of life with easy disassembly


Technical Drawing


Technical Drawing for Workrite 920 Protected, Adaptable and Flexible CPU Holder


LEED Credit Eligibility

  • Innovation and design, credits 1.1-1.4

  • Implementation of comprehensive ergonomic program (1-4 points)

  • All 920 CPU Holders exceed LEED requirement MR4.2 (20% recycled content) and may be eligible for up to 2 points


Environmental Considerations

  • Uses 30% less material than comparable products

  • Product is minimum 96% recyclable at end of life and easy to disassemble

  • Plastic components made from fully recyclable plastic

  • VOC free finish


Product Options/Accessories

Model 920
Manufacturer Workrite Ergonomics
Part Number 920
Mounting Options Wall Mount
Mounting Options Under-Desk
Mounting Options Track Mount
CPU Dimension 9.75" - 18.5" H, 1.25" - 8.75" W, 8" - 19.25" D
Height Range Adjusts in 0.75" increments
CPU Holder Capacity Up to 75 lbs
Color Silver

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Versatile, Durable & Secure

by Joseph T, Nanuet, New York, Aug 06, 2019

Versatile, Durable & Secure


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