Secure Laptop Wall Mount Arm ED-911-77

The laptop is secured by the Laptop Secure Lockdown  Plate. If you want to secure the extension arms to each other, you need to buy the Secure Screw Kits corresponding to the size of the extension arms that you choose. So the Secure Screw Kits are optional. To secure the arm to the wall, you will have to buy security fasteners from third party manufacturers (information at bottom of the page).  

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Secure Laptop Wall Mount Arm ED-911-77
Secure Laptop Wall Mount Arm ED-911-77
Secure Laptop Wall Mount Arm ED-911-77
Secure Laptop Wall Mount Arm ED-911-77


  • Secure Laptop on a Wall Mounting Arm
  • Affordable theft deterrent security for your laptop
  • Protects laptops from fall, breakage
  • Arm provides horizontal extension of 12.5"
  • Weight of the secure laptop plate is 10 lbs
  • Fits most laptops from 9" to 16.5" wide
  • Laptop screen stays open in this unit
  • Secure laptop plate to the arm with the set of screws included
  • Secure extension arms to each other with Secure Screw Kits (optional)
  • Secure entire unit, laptop plate and the arm to the wall, with security fasteners from third party manufacturers

Secure Notebook Arm ED-911-77



Secure Plate Lockdown Arms associated parts are designed only as theft deterrents, not theft-proof. in no event will be held liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of this product.


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M4 x 12mm pin in hex screws
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Laptop Lockdown Secure Plate, weight approx. 10 lbs
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Laptop Secure Arm Wall Mount

Pivoting Wall Mount Arm

Adjustable tension at joints. The display can tilt up and down 30° or left and right 30°. VESA monitor compatible.

Laptop Secure Lockdown Stand
Laptop Lockdown Secure Arm

Laptop monitor remains open and monitor tilts back at 120°. Fits most 9" to 16.5" wide laptop.

Screws to secure laptop plate to the arm
Height = ¼"
Threads per inch = 20
Head size = 10
Secure Screw Kits

Hex screws



Lockdown Plate Components


  • A – 1 - 11-in x 10-in base plate with black foam on the underside
  • B – 1 back plate (paddle bracket and wing brackets attached)
  • C – 1 paddle bracket with screw at the bottom
  • D – 1 set wing brackets (1 left, 1 right)
  • E – 1 slide bracket (attached to base plate with 4 screws)
  • F – 1 lockblock
  • G – 2 keys
  • H – 2 wafer locks
  • I – 8 bump-on's (4 assembled on back plate plus 4 in hardware bag)
  • J – 6 screws (2 qty to assemble the paddle bracket to the back plate and 4 qty to assemble the wing brackets to the back plate)
  • K – 2 screws (to assemble the slide bracket to the base plate)
  • L – 3 Allen wrenches (1 for paddle bracket, 1 for wing brackets, 1 for slide bracket)
  • M – 4 tamper proof screws and 1 tamper proof drill bit



Secure your arm to the wall

You can find secure wall screws from independent manufacturers such as or However, we are not responsible for the functionality, security or provide warranty for their products.

Tamperproof Screws


Bryce Fastener Screws

Product Options/Accessories

Model ED-911-77
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number ED-911-77
Mounting Options Wall

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