OM5 Gaming Chair ED-GM-5CH Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Chair

  • ED-GM-5CH is custom-made and non-returnable. All fabric colors shown on your computer screen are approximate depending on resolution of your monitor. 
Product ID 16688


  • Warranty: 12-year on all structural components: 5 years on fabrics & foam
  • Smart Design: Body Activated Motion. Chair moves with you as you move.
  • Non-Locking Mechanism offers continuous lumbar support in any position. 
  • Only one lever to adjust the seat-height for the user.
  • ED-GM-5CH is engineered as a high-end comfortable and supportive office task-chair.  It is also selected as the most recommended gaming-chair by Tim Clark editor of PC-Gamer
  • Linus of LinusTechTips says the OM5 is the most comfortable chair.
  • Chair-back is not lockable. This is by design. It allows you to have micro movements while sitting.
  • Users 5'4" to 6' 3" see ... Tall Back / Medium Cylinder / Regular Seat Chair
  • Tall users above 6' 4" see ... Tall Back / Tall Cylinder / Large Seat Chair
  • What to consider when choosing a gaming chair:

  • Ergonomic design and comfort: The average gamer spends 8-12 hours a week playing video games. This warrants a chair that offers plenty of back and seat support for maximum comfort while keeping the body in a correct posture at all times.

  • Gaming chair height: To avoid straining your neck looking up or down at a screen, chairs with height adjustment ability and lumbar support allow gamers to look straight at their screen.

  • Office task chairs: Office chairs are designed to provide lumbar and neck support as users sit for long hours, making them perfect for gamers. As well, with adjustable armrests and, in some cases, adjustable lumbar support, adjust your chair to the perfect position for you. Plus, with a multi-functional chair you won`t have to switch chairs when you switch gears.


Office Master understands why PC gamers need gaming chairs with comfort and durability as well as ergonomic design. Tested by PCGamer for its ergonomic functionality and adjustability in height, arm rests, and back rest, the OM5 makes it ideal for both work and games.

This popular gaming chair offers continuous support for your body as you move. As you recline in the OM5, the seat pan moves with your body, allowing you to change to more relaxed positions seamlessly, making it the most comfortable gaming chair.

No levers or handles are required to make adjustments for your spine or lumbar support; the chair adjusts on its own to the size and position of your body.

Adjust your OM5 with three unique adjustments: armrests that move up and down and slide back and forth; a "waterfall" effect on the Standard and EX models that adjusts the seat front up and down and; a headrest that can be elevated or lowered to provide desired support.


Overall Width 27" 27" 28"
Overall Height 37 - 42" 40 - 45" 40.5 - 45.5"
Back 18" W x 21" H 18" W x 24.5" H 18" W x 24.5" H
Seat 19.75" W x 17-18.5" D (16-17.5" D Back Upholstery) 19.75" W x 17-18.5" D (16-17.5" D Back Upholstery) 19.75" W x 21" D (20" D Back Upholstery)
Seat Height with 4" cylinder 14.7 - 18.5" (4" travel range) 14.7 - 18.5" ( 4" travel range) 17.7 - 21.5" ( 4" travel range)
Seat Height with 5" cylinder (standard cylinder) 16 - 21" (5" travel range) 16 - 21" ( 5" travel range) 19 - 24" ( 5" travel range)
Seat Height with 6" cylinder 18.5 - 25" (6" travel range) 18.5 - 25" ( 6" travel range) 21.5 - 28" ( 6" travel range)

Back = 0.75 yards

Seat = 0.75 yards

Back = 1 yard

Seat = 0.75 yards

Back = 1 yard

Seat = 1 yard

Carton Weight 64 lbs 67 lbs 69 lbs
UPS Weight 101 lbs 195 lbs 195 lbs
Arms Optional Optional Optional
Weight Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs
Warranty Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited
Lifetime limited warranty on all structural components and 5-year warranty on fabrics & foam. For further information, please check our “downloads” tab.


  • Variable back resistance
  • PolyFlex Back
  • Body Activated Motion
  • Swing Arm
  • Front Edge Waterfall Flex
  • Designed to support users up to 300 lbs under standing commercial usage

Product Options/Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

q Hey, I was reading the return policy on the Office Master chair products you carry. I saw that none of these are returnable for a refund. It's hard to justify such a high price without the option to return, as that is a very high cost gamble without being able to sit in the chair first. I have no idea if the adjustments of this chair will suit me at all. Can exceptions be made in certain cases?

The reason there is a no return on these chairs is because every chair is custom made to order since each customer chooses their own fabric color, casters, cylinders etc. Everything is built to order based on the customer's specific picks. Therefore if Officemaster accepted the returns they would not be able to re-sell those chairs. In some cases they do take them back but with a 35% re-stock fee and the customer would be responsible to ship the chair back.

q I am 5'2" and 130lb and wondering if this would be a good desk gaming/office chair. Is the chair flexible to different positions? And do the arm rest move in and out or is it only up/down/tilt in and out?

The OM5 is very flexible when it comes to different positions. In fact, it has a unique sliding mechanism that allows the angle of your back to be adjusted based on how much pressure you lean back with. Since you are 5'2", we recommend you get the smaller 4" cylinder (Option #6). We have two options for armrests on this chair: height adjustable only (model A) and height adjustable with pivoting inward and forward/backward sliding (RP-45). Please see the product video # 3 from Linus TechTips on our product page for more information about the sliding back and armrests.

q I am 6'4, and curious to know if this chair would be fine or if I need to get the XT version. Please let me know!

There are three versions of this chair. Please see comparison chart at the end of this product page for more details. The Gaming Chair ED-GM-5CH has a back that is 18" wide x 21" high and seat that is 19.75" wide x 17-18.5" deep . The EX and the XT version of this chair however have a taller back - 18" wide x 24.5" high and the XT also has a deeper seat - 19.75" wide x 21" deep. Based on these specs, you can decide if you need a taller back and a deeper seat. The one thing we may recommend is a heavier 6" cylinder compared to the standard 5". However we've had 6'4" tall users who have stuck with 5" cylinders too.

q I don't understand why there is an option for Back Upholstery Fabric Color when the chair seems to come with the polyflex back?

Polyflex back is standard but you have the option of getting fabric on the back.

q I'm considering the OM5 and would like some advice on size/height. I'm relatively small, 5'6" and 145lbs; my wife is 5'0" and also small. I'm assuming the standard OM5 is right for our size? Should we go with the 4" or 5" cylinder? The seat height for me is 17" and for my wife it is 16".

Here is the range of seat height for each cylinder: 5” cylinder – seat height 16” – 21”, 4” cylinder - seat height 14.5” – 18.5” We would recommend 5" cylinder for you and 4" cylinder for your wife. Also you might like the OM5-EX better for you as the back is taller and provides fuller support.

q I saw in the customization there was an option for extra memory foam in the seat. How thick is this foam? Does it add much height to the seat?

Adding memory foam will add 3/4" to 1" thickness to the seat.

Model OM5-B, OM5-G
Manufacturer Ergodirect
Part Number OM5-B, OM5-G
Overall Width 27"
Overall Height 37 - 42"
Back 18" W x 21" H
Seat 19.75" W x 17-18.5" D (Seat depth is adjusted through the waterfall mechanism of the chair)
Seat Height 16 - 21"
Base Diameter 26"
COM Back = 0.75 yards, Seat = 0.75 yards
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty on all structural components and 5-year warranty on fabrics & foam. For further information, please check our “downloads” tab.
Carton Weight 64 lbs
UPS Weight 101 lbs
Arms Optional
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Seat Depth with Back Foam Upholstery Foam upholstery adds extra thickness to the back seat and as the result decreases the seat depth by 1/2".
Overall Width 27"
Overall Height 40 - 45"
Back 18" W x 24.5" H
Seat 19.75" W x 17-18.5" D (16-17.5" D Back Upholstery)
Seat Height 16 - 21"
Base Diameter 26"
COM Back = 1 yard, Seat = 0.75 yards
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty on all structural components and 5-year warranty on fabrics & foam. For further information, please check our “downloads” tab.
Carton Weight 67 lbs
UPS Weight 195 lbs
Arms Optional
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Overall Width 28"
Overall Height 40.5 - 45.5"
Back 18" W x 24.5" H
Seat 19.75" W x 21" D (20" D Back Upholstery)
Seat Height 19 -24"
COM Back = 1 yards Seat= 1 yards
Carton Weight 69 lbs
UPS Weight 195 lbs
Arms Optional
Warranty Lifetime limited warranty on all structural components and 5-year warranty on fabrics & foam. For further information, please check our “downloads” tab.
Weight Capacity 300 lbs

Customer reviews

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(4.8 out of 15)

by Ethan, Chicago,IL, Jul 28, 2019

No back pain since getting it. Can't believe I've been normalizing back pain from work all of this time. If you're thinking about getting this pull the trigger its worth it. Your future self will thank you. Also, thank you to ErgoDirect for the awesome customer service making customization of the chair hella easy.

Great meeting point between functionality, professionalism, and flair.

by Ebli De La Rosa Jr, Orlando, Florida, Aug 20, 2018

I bought this chair to serve as my desk chair for my gaming PC. I basically went all black with red as the seat (I believe I did molten but dont quote me on it). The chair is smooth over the tile of my home, I never get hot in it like I do with leather chairs (especially anywhere direct skin to chair contact happens). The height adjustment works great, and the mechanism that allows you to lean the chair back just by using your weight is easy to get used to, and works amazingly. The back is quite wide, wide enough for my entire back (I am 5' 10" with a stocky frame), but not so wide the chair is huge. First chair I have owned of its kind but I would highly recommend it.

Great chair but

by Jamison, ND, Feb 02, 2018

Everything about the chair is pretty great, outstanding craftmanship, quality materials, easy assembly, it looks great with all the options available and most importantly very little adjustment needed for optimum comfort. Only gripe though is when you lean back your body moves forward with the seat, while a lot of that resistance to hold the backrest in position is held back by the friction of your pants and the material on the seat (standard material-that is very rough feeling by the way) which can be uncomfortable at times which is as easy as just standing up and readjusting yourself to alleviate the issue. All in all I would still recommend the chair one year later even with the one flaw that is just a byproduct of not having to ever manually adjust the chair.

Great chair

by C Morrison, College Station, Texas, May 04, 2017

This is a very comfortable chair, one of the only chairs I can sit in for longer than 30 minutes without pain. Be aware though that the charcoal color is NOT black, it's a grey.

Truly Comfortable chair

by Karen M, Laguna Beach, California, Oct 20, 2016

Easy to put together; exceedingly comfortable chair. Loved the options to customize just what my son wanted. Considering getting one for myself given the price point, comfort level and helpful sales force from start to finish!

Super Comfortable Chair

by Jason L, Washington, Apr 27, 2016

This chair is extremely comfortable. The self adjusting back works really well, supporting your back and bottom as both the back and seat adjusts to your leaning. For me and my weight, 162, it doesn't activate too easily so far. It's got just the right amount of resistance. The cushion was a little too hard at first, but after sitting in it for a month now it has softened up to a very comfortable level. I purchased the memory foam extra. I think it was worth it. This chair has completely fixed the problems I had with an Aeron chair I returned, namely the no cushion seating. The lumbar support is just about perfect for my height, 5' 8". It's also extremely well built, sturdy, and easy to put together. The adjustable arms are also nice and they don't slide back and forth too easily. Just the right amount of cushion too. They don't hurt my elbows. My only negative is that sometimes it wobbles a tiny bit, seemingly at the hydraulic stem. Depending on my sitting position though, I hardly notice it. If your leaning back a lot I would consider getting the higher back, especially if you're taller, as I missed the extra support on my shoulders when leaning back for a while. Was nervous because of the no return policy, but it was super worth it. Awesome chair.

Love it!

by Austin, Florida, Apr 16, 2016

I been using the chair for about a week and I absolutely love it! The wheels glide across the floor with ease and I really like the seat itself. I went with the extra memory foam option and it seems to pay off well. Warranty for the chair seems fair and if I get 5-10 years out of it that would be excellent.

ErgoDirect customer support was excellent! I worked with Anthony M. and he helped me every step of the way and answered all my questions with great detail. He provided me fabric samples and feedback from the manufacturer to help me make the best choices for this chair. He went above and beyond as far as customer service goes.

Great Product

by Jane T, Texas, Feb 26, 2016

I gave this chair to my boyfriend as a gift. He is a big gamer so sits in his computer chair for hours at a time. He LOVES the chair. He has raved about the back support and the comfort of the seat. Great purchase.

Can't decide...

by Jeffrey, Georgia, Dec 23, 2015

I purchased this chair after watching numerous videos on gaming chairs and decided to try it. What I love about it is that the seat slides forward as the back of the chair reclines, this makes it super comfortable to lean back a little. What I hate about it is that the act of leaning back is just a bit too easy and there's no way to adjust this. In other words, what would make this chair perfect, is if there was a way to increase the resistance on the leaning back action. Otherwise, it's very comfortable and solved the issue I had were my thighs & buttocks were going numb during long work (or gaming) sessions. It's an expensive chair but has the quality to go along with it.

Your spine will thank you

by Carl C, Colorado, Nov 09, 2015

I'm not a chair expert by any means so I will just list what I liked and do not like.
-Helps me sit up straight more
-is very easy to lounge back in
-arm rests are very comfortable and adjustable if you get the nice ones
-overall very supportive and does cause any weird tense spots in my back, neck, or shoulders

One note is that I was concerned that the lack of a cushioned back (on my customized version) would make the seat uncomfortable, but the plastic flex back has plenty of give and is actually very comfortable. And breathable too!

Things I don't like:
- lack of height adjustment for the back. I get that the chair is all about not needing adjustments, but I feel like my tail bone just barely makes it up to the flex back and a shorter person would have a bad time.
-A lot of the features you'd probably want (like the arm rests) are not stock and cost extra
-Pretty expensive
-I still haven't found much use for the "waterfall lip"

Highly satisfactory

by Dillon S, Nebraska, Oct 29, 2015

I was a little overwhelmed by the choices in fabrics when designing the chair myself, it would've been nice to see example photos of similar chairs (where available) to demonstrate each fabric or frame choice.

That aside, I got the chair, undamaged. Assembly was easy (just put the chair on the stand) and I was sitting in the chair within 5 minutes. I use this chair at a computer both for work, watching of streamed video (TV style usage), as well as gaming. The automatic reclining and highly adjustable arms make switching modes really comfortable and easy.

Obviously, this chair (especially with all its additional options) is quite expensive, but this feels like a chair I'll probably be using for 10 years, so I don't mind the expense. The only downside is that I have this chair in my home office, but I have to sit in a 'normal' chair while I'm at work. I guess until we have a Jetson's style ability to shrink things and take them with us, I'll just have to deal ;)

Very good all around chair

by Alex, TN, Oct 14, 2015

I believe this is the most comfortable chair that I have ever sat in. It takes out all the adjustment and does it for you. Easily worth the price and works great with my gaming set-up/also for productivity.

Best Chair I've owned

by Kevin D, Massachusetts, Sep 02, 2015

I spend a lot of time working from home and this is a great all around office chair. It's also very comfortable when playing games. The back and seat are connected in a way that as you move, the base moves with you. It's extremely comfortable. Highly recommended.

Most comfortable chair I've ever sat in

by Nathan H, Illinois, Apr 16, 2015

The lower back support is the best I've ever felt in a chair. It's perfect. Maintaining proper posture feels completely natural. Would recommend to anyone who sits at a desk for the majority of the day. It's an expensive chair, but absolutely worth it.

Office use

by Darren P, Tennessee, Mar 24, 2015

Professional modern appearance for my medical office while providing comfort,fatigue free posture and effortless positioning.

Officemaster OM5 Gaming Chair Specs Comparison Chart

This item: OM5 Gaming Chair ED-GM-5CH Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Chair
EDC-OM5 Gaming Chair | Tall Back Executive Task Chair by OM-Seating
Gaming Chair ED-OM5-XT Tall Back, Deep Seat Office Master OM5 Tall Chair
Weight Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs
Overall Height 37 - 42" 40 - 45" 40.5 - 45.5"
Overall Width 27" 27" 28"
Back 18" W x 21" H 18" W x 24.5" H 18" W x 24.5" H
Seat 19.75" W x 17-18.5" D (Seat depth is adjusted through the waterfall mechanism of the chair) 19.75" W x 16.5-18" D (Seat depth is adjusted through the waterfall mechanism of the chair) 19.75" W x 21" D
Seat Height 16 - 21" 16 - 21" 19 -24"
Seat Depth with Back Foam Upholstery Foam upholstery adds extra thickness to the back seat and as the result decreases the seat depth by 1/2". Foam upholstery adds extra thickness to the back seat and as the result decreases the seat depth by 1/2". Foam upholstery adds extra thickness to the back seat and as the result decreases the seat depth by 1/2".
  Details Details