VuRyte VUR 2070 MemoScape Ergonomic In-Line Document Holder

Includes erasable messaging system and base is pearl; easel is "crystal clear". The difference between 2080 and 2070 is that 2070 does not include the removable side arm.

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This is REAL Change…..An ergonomic desktop computer accessory that adapts to you, your workstation, your needs. If you desire an ergonomic in-line document holder and your workstation allows it, no problem, as Memoscape adjusts vertically to become a world class in-line copy holder. If you desire a personal organizer for convenient and accessible support of your personal technology, no problem, as Memoscape has a 12 inch wide easel to support technology, personal notes and the stuff of life. The easel lip is approximately 1/2 inch deep…ideal for up to 50 pages of documents, cell phones, and most tablets. If your workstation is split level or a below desk keyboard or sit-stand, no problem, as Memoscape adjusts vertically with a unique support wire and ingenious adjustable easel lip height mechanism. Memoscape has 6 different angle adjustments for maximum personal comfort. The angles range from 35 to 60 degrees. Every Memoscape has our innovative “micro-stabilizers” which ensure anti-slip stability on the desk surface. Our “micro-stabilizers” are not an adhesive and leave no residue. Gone are the days when your workstation had to be boring and drab. Welcome to Memoscape.


  • Brings ergonomics to your desk space and keeps you organized-positions documents of various sizes and personal technology and the stuff of life.

  • Ideal for desktop workstations, sit-stand desks and split level workstations-Memoscape adapts to your workstation utilizing the unused space between your keyboard and monitor.

  • Fully adjustable to fit your needs, wants, desires- as your workstation allows, Memoscape adjusts both upward and downward to provide "in-line" document support. Also adjustable in angle.

  • Base is "snow white". Easel is "crystal clear".

  • Does not include the world famous adjustable document holder, "Liberator Arm", see the Memoscape Plus line for this additional feature

  • Made in the USA-and patented.

Model VUR 2070
Manufacturer Vu Ryte
Part Number VUR 2070
Color Base is pearl; easel is "crystal clear"
Shipping Weight 3 lbs

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VuRyte VUR 2070 MemoScape Ergonomic In-Line Document Holder

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