Kinesis AC806PS-blk Freestyle2 Palm Supports

1 pair (includes set of palm pads).

Product ID 17208
Kinesis AC806PS-blk Freestyle2 Palm Supports
Kinesis AC806PS-blk Freestyle2 Palm Supports


Kinesis AC806PS-blk palm supports attach easily to the front edge of the Freestyle2 keyboard. Promotes neutral wrist posture. Palm pads included.

Note: Not compatible with original Freestyle Solo keyboard.

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Product Sheet - Kinesis AC806PS-blk Freestyle2 Palm Supports

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Model AC806PS-blk
Manufacturer Kinesis
Part Number AC806PS-blk
UPC 607998806005
Shipping Weight 1 lbs
Color Black
Weight 5.76 oz

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Warranty and Return Policy

Please review the following (3) stipulations to the warranty and returns policy that are unique to the TKO keyboard.

  1. Warranty: 1 year limited from date of purchase.

  2. Returns: A $35 restocking fee will be charged for TKO keyboards that are returned without the hard-shell travel case included.

  3. Warranty Exemption on Hot Swappable Switch Sockets: This Warranty does not apply to damage to switch sockets caused by the customer. If a customer receives a product with a broken switch they must contact Kinesis within 7 days of purchase and submit a Support Ticket documenting the switch failure. Damage to switch sockets reported after 7 days will be assumed to have been the fault of the customer and will not be covered under warranty. If Kinesis receives a returned keyboard after 7 days and determines that the failure was caused by a damaged socket, warranty coverage will be denied.

Please refer to the Kinesis Gaming Warranty Page for further information.